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Flower Power Dishcloth




Flower power dishcloths!  Because who doesn’t want to add a little bit o’ pretty to their dishwashing routine?!  I found this pattern on Ravelry a year or two ago and have made quite a few to sell.  They work up extremely quickly, aren’t too big,  and can use both cotton or acrylic yarn, so they are a nice, easy sell for me.

** I have talked about it before, but I personally prefer acrylic yarn for my washcloths over cotton yarn.  It dries faster, seems scratchier, and it isn’t as ‘heavy’ as cotton is.  You can throw it in the washing machine just like a regular washcloth. But if you prefer cotton, use it!  You do you, boo!  Ok, PSA over.  Carry on.  **

I wish that I had more photos of the flowers that I have finished, but I can’t seem to find them.  I love the one that I made below.  I used some older acrylic yarn that my mom and I found in my Great Aunt Fern’s stash of yarn after she passed.  I just loved the colors!  It makes me happy to look at it.


One of the nice things about this pattern is that it uses very simple stitches, so even beginners should be able to work some of these up pretty easily.  I will say that you need to be sure that you are counting your stitches, since there are a certain number of petals and it will be completely obvious if you miss a stitch (<—–ask me how many times I had to learn that the hard way!).

This would be a fun gift idea to give to a graduating senior headed off to college (it would make dishes WAY more fun lol), as a wedding present, or even as a Mother’s Day present!  You can make a few in their favorite colors or that coordinate with their kitchen.  You could also make it a set with coordinating potholders, or even double this pattern and attach the two together to make a flower potholder.  Actually, that’s a really good idea and I think I’ll definitely be making some as potholders for my farmer’s market booth this summer.



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Finding Nemo Clownfish Cocoon Blanket

This is the third and final installment in my cocoon blanket posts!  Hopefully you have seen the Mermaid Tail Blanket and the Shark Blanket that I also did.  If not, go check them out!  Seriously, I’ll wait……


Ok good.  SO.  This blanket.  I needed to find something that I could do that would go along with those other two, but that would be different.  My little nephew, Kannon, doesn’t like scary stuff, so I didn’t want to make him the shark blanket.  I had also seen a pattern for a dragon, but again, scary.  Then I came across THIS pattern….NEMO!!  It was perfect!!  Not scary at all, he knew what it would be, and it would be pretty simple to make.


I used Red Heart yarn and followed the pattern alllmost exactly.  The only thing that I had trouble with was getting the ‘little’ fin to work. I decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to figure it out, so I just made two regular fins, but sewed one on a little tighter, covering fewer rows, so that it was different.  You can just throw it into the washing machine as it get dirty and it will just get softer and softer every time you wash it.


The pattern said that it was for ages 2-4, and he turned 3 in January, so it was the perfect size.  I do think that it would be extremely easy to increase the width and make larger sizes.  The best part?  He LOVED it!!  It’s his ‘fishy blanket’ and he apparently uses it all of the time.


I am so glad that I made these little cuties their own blankets for Christmas instead of giving them (more) toys.  Now they have something that they will use all of the time and can keep for a few years as they grow into them!  I mean, I might be a little biased, but I give them a 10/10.  🙂


Cancer Ribbon Dishcloth Pattern

So I had this friend, her name was Betty Jo.  She lived across the street from me, owned a store downtown, and I served on the fair board with her.  She was actually the first store that started carrying some of my crafts!  She was always encouraging me and raving on and on about anything I made.  She was the life of the party, no matter where she was.  Man, she was just FUN.  We got really close while serving on the fair board together, and she would talk about her daughter’s struggle with breast cancer.  She was her biggest supporter, and showed it any way that she could.  So when I found a pattern for a breast cancer dishcloth, I thought, hey, Jo would LOVE this.  I printed it out and planned to maker her a few.  Then life got in the way, the pattern got shuffled to the bottom of the stack, and I forgot about it.




Then we lost Jo this past year.  It was really unexpected.


I was cleaning out the craft room recently and came across the pattern again.  So I sat down that day and made it.  And thought of Jo the whole time.


I posted it on my facebook page and had a few people that wanted their own.  So after I made those, I had a lady call and order SIX more.  I think she is giving them away at Christmas.  I spent the entire weekend crocheting, trying to get her order done.  Thankfully these don’t take too long to work up.


Of course, I lost the pattern halfway through making them.  I think it actually flew away while I was sitting at the farmers market (oops).  But I had the pattern pretty much memorized at that point, so I jotted it down really quickly.  I thought I would share it here for anyone that wants to make them.    Whether it’s for yourself, a friend, or family member that has been affected by breast cancer, or any cancer at all.  I think I will be making up a few in different colors, to represent the different cancers.  It’s crazy how so many people are affected by such an awful disease.  How WE are personally affected by it.  Our house will have white washcloths, for Nate’s mom.


The pattern makes a pretty big washcloth, or you can use it as a trivet to sit hot dishes on.  I plan to use it for both.  If there is something that isn’t clear, please let me know.  This is my first time to write a pattern like this out.

To make it, I used an H hook, and cotton yarn.  I think you could find a really soft acrylic yarn and use this as a bath cloth.  If you aren’t into crocheting and would still like your own washcloth, I have them listed in my etsy shop – www.etsy.com/shop/brainiac512 under the Crochet section.


Crochet Breast Cancer Ribbon Dishcloth/Trivet

Chain 51.

DC in 2nd chain from hook.

DC in the next 19 stitches.

2DC in the next 3 stitches, then DC in the next 2 stitches, 2DC in the next 3 stitches.  DC in the remaining stitches on the row.  Chain 2.  Turn.

DC in the next 20 stitches.

*2DC in next stitch.  Then DC in the next stitch.*  Repeat this 7 more times.  DC to end of the row.  Chain 2, then turn.

DC in the next 23 stitches.

*2DC in next stitch, then DC in the next two stitches*.  Repeat 5 times.  2DC in the next stitch.  DC to the end of the row.  Chain 2, then turn.

DC in the next 24 stitches.

*2DC in the next stitch, DC in the next three stitches*.  Repeat this 3 times. 2DC in next stitch, then DC to the end of the row.

Position your ribbon like the photos above and pin in place.  SC around the ribbon, securing the ribbon in place.  Tie off, leaving a 10″ tail.  Use this on a yarn needle to stitch through and secure the ribbon in place better.


One Hour Potholder- Crochet



I have been using THIS pattern ever since I pinned it and featured it on my Pinworthy Thursday, with fantastic results, so I thought it was time to share it here!  It is called the Easy One Hour Potholder from the This Crafting Life blog.

This is like the pattern that my Mom uses– she has made potholders like this for years!  In fact, this is the type of potholder that she made and gave me as a wedding gift 7 years ago.  I use them every day, and they are still just as durable and just as good as they were the day she gave them to me.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow, and just uses a simple single crochet throughout.  The first one I did, I think it took me a little longer than an hour, but now I can whip one out in no time at all.  I actually find them a little addicting to make.  I love the patterns that happen when you use a variegated yarn– and it turns out differently every single time!



The coolest thing about this pattern is that basically you just keep crocheting, you don’t have to count, and you don’t have to turn.  It works ‘in the round’.  It will eventually start working itself into a square all on its own.  I personally like my potholders a little on the larger side, so I increased my first chain to 35 or 36.  That gives you a bigger size (like the rainbow one above).



Then you just have to work a set of slip stitches down the back to connect!  It’s as easy as that!

I have made quite a few, and I have added them to my farmer’s market booth. (on the right, at the back)  I am also going to be making quite a few up to have as bingo prizes during our county fair.  I am on the county fair board and we gave dollar coins as prizes last year, but we wanted to mix it up a little bit and add some new prizes this year.


10299089_10152081452111314_1283547311733646150_nI think these would make SUCH a fun gift, especially paired with the Loopy Dishcloth .  I think I might make a few sets using matching yarn for the bingo prizes.  That would be a fun prize, don’t you think?!

Now, I’m off to finish the purple one I am working on right now 🙂  Let me know if you make one!


Pattern for potholder HERE.

Pattern for Loopy Dishcloth HERE.

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DIY Wooden Wreath Holder

I just thought I would share this super simple tutorial on how to make a wreath holder.  I have wanted one of these for awhile, but I have never made it a priority to finish.  Well we are dong a wreath raffle for the preschool board that I am on, and we usually take the wreath to a few different places around town to display it, to advertise and hopefully sell more tickets.  Now was the perfect time!


There are only a few things that you need- a hook, a fence post, and a flat square for the bottom.  You will also need need a long screw, screwdriver, and some spray paint.


So first of all, I actually had the post already, I bought a whole stack of them at a garage sale for $10 a couple of years ago.  If you don’t have a stack of them though, you can find them at Lowe’s for about $4.

Then you take your post over to where they have the big hooks, like this–


Use your post to help you find a hook that will fit on it.  I just held it up to one end of the post to make sure it wasn’t too wide.  The hook should come with the screws that you need.

The last piece you will need for your wreath holder is a flat piece of wood.  You can use a scrap piece of plywood or even a piece of 2×12.  Since I didn’t have any scrap pieces that would work, I found a wooden plaque at Walmart, I think it was 8″ x 10″.  It was over in the craft section and it was only $4.97.

The first thing you need to do is mark where your post needs to go on your flat piece of wood.  I offset mine towards the back, to account for a larger, heavier wreath.   I found the middle, then moved towards the back about 2″ and marked it with my screw.  Then I predrilled the hole so that it would be easier to screw together, and wouldn’t split the wood.  You should also predrill the bottom of your post, where it will connect to your bottom wood.


After that, I thought my post was a little too long, so I cut a few inches off of one of the ends.  This is totally up to you whether you do that or not.



Then you will put your hook where you want it on the top of your post and mark where the two screw holes should be.  I just did it with the drill bit.  You can predrill (just a little ways) where the screws should go.  But don’t go too far, the screws aren’t very big.

Next, it’s time to assemble.  Screw through the bottom piece of wood into your post.


Once you have it completely screwed in, you might need to twist it a little to make sure it is straight.


IMG_0981It should look like this.  And make sure that where you predrilled for your hook is towards the front.

Then you can paint!!  My post  was already painted white, and it was all chippy looking.  I wanted to keep it ‘shabby chic’, so I didn’t do too much paint.  I wanted some of the white to show through.  I just did 1 coat of black spray paint that I got at Walmart for $1.  I really love the way it turned out.



When your paint is dry, attach your hook.IMG_0988

IMG_0987And you’re done!!

IMG_0992Start to finish, this took me less than an hour.  Most of that was waiting for the spray paint to dry!  Overall, since I already had the post, this cost me about $10 to make.  If you have to buy the post, it’s more like $15.  Still a pretty good price if you ask me!

IMG_0995It worked perfectly to display our wreath, and I’m sure I will use this in my home for a long time.


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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

If you have been on Pinterest at all, I’m sure you have probably seen people pinning things about how great coconut oil is.  I know that I have.  I have even pinned a few myself.  I finally decided it was time to try one out and find out if it was as great as they all said it was!

The main reason I decided to try it now is that my hair is soooooo fried.  I had super long, thick hair until I cut my hair short back in September.  Like, short enough that I have to actually style my hair every single day.  There was no pony tail-ing it up if I didn’t feel like it!  Wash and blowdry every.single.day.  Yesterday was the very first day I was actually able to wear it in a ponytail to work.  It was nice lol.  But since I was putting it through so much and I didn’t start using a heat protectant until a few weeks ago (I know, shame on me!), it was dry, brittle, frizzy….just not good.  I use a leave in conditioner 1-2 times a week in the shower, but it just wasn’t doing enough for me.

So on the way home from the fair convention a few weeks ago, we stopped at Walmart and I grabbed a tub of coconut oil.  It looks like this-


It was the only one my Walmart had, and I think it was only $6?  You are probably going to be paying a lot more than that for a really good hair treatment.   After I read through a lot of the pins, turns out that most of them say you should get ‘unrefined’ coconut oil to get the maximum benefit from it.  This one is refined, but like I said, it was the only one there was.  I figure hey, it’s better than nothing!

Most of the pins said the same thing….wet hair, put the oil in it, then pin it up and let it sit.  The times varied on that anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.

Ok, so here we go.  I wet my hair down and opened this giant jug.  I assumed it would be a soft consistency?  Guess what, it’s not.  It’s hard as heck.  Some of the tutorials said to just use your hands to warm it up and spread it on and some said to melt it first.  You in a bowl/sink of hot water.  DON’T put it in the microwave or it will lose some of its ‘benefits’.  And hey, who am I to argue with the wisdom from the internets.  I didn’t want to wait for it to melt in hot water, so I just dug in.  Or tried to.  Like I said, it was HARD.  So I managed to scrape a bit out and pat it a bit in my hand.  It did melt, yes, but the amount that I put in my hand was hardly enough to do anything lol.  So I went and fetched a spoon and tried it that way.   Better, since I was getting more at a time, but it was still kind of a pain.  Next time I will definitely melt it beforehand.  I think I took up more time trying to get it out of the pan than it would have to melt the whole jar.  Oh well!

So I just covered my hair with it. Then I took a little clip and put it up and went to watch tv.  I had hoped to have it in my hair for a few hours, but I didn’t get to it until like 815, and who am I kidding, I like to be in bed by 10.  So at about 930 I decided I had had enough.  I did take my blow dryer and aim it on my hair for about 5 minutes on low.  There were pins that said to prop your blow dryer up and put it on your hair for 30 minutes.  But ummm…..I would rather not run my dryer that long?  $$$$$   That and the fact that I have to shake my blow dryer to get it to blow air sometimes lol.  Yeah, it’s old.  So I think it would have just rolled over and died if I tried to make it work for that long lol!

I read different ways to get it to come out, but someone said that if you just put the water straight on your hair, it will turn into an oil slick and you won’t get it all out.  They said to work some shampoo right into your hair, with just a tiny bit of water to get a good bit of it out.  I tried it that way and it worked!  Just rub rub rub, wash out, get more shampoo, and go again.  I washed it out 4 times and didn’t have any residue left.  Since I was using a shampoo/conditioner combo, I didn’t condition after, but if you didn’t use a combo I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.

I just let my hair air dry, but I could immediately tell a difference when I combed it out after my shower.  It was smoother, no tangles, and just felt really good!  After it dried?  SO SOFT!  It felt healthier, stronger, and just all around great!  I was SO impressed!  My bf kept commenting that my hair was so soft and pretty, too.  I will try to start doing this every weekend.  It’s been 4 days and my hair still feels better than it did before.

Overall, I was very happy with the process.   It is extremely inexpensive (I think that jug is going to last forever!), easy to do, doesn’t require any special equipment, and actually WORKED.  However, there are a few things I will do differently next time.  First- I will melt the coconut oil in hot water first so it’s easier to go on.  Second- I will probably wear a shower cap so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the grease on my chair.  Third- I am going to try this overnight!  I will lay a towel down over my pillow when I do that, too.

**Just an FYI.   I just used the extra all over my hands to use as lotion.  My arms are extremely scaly and dry and just all around grody.  After I put it on, I noticed immediately that it was better.  Since then, I have been getting just a little bit of the coconut oil and spreading it on in the evenings.  I can tell a big difference…my ‘scales’ are almost gone already.

Have you tried this?  What are your thoughts?

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

So I have really gotten into make up lately, and I have built up a little collection of make up brushes to apply it.  You are supposed to clean your brushes like once a week, to get all of the makeup and bacteria out of them.  That way you aren’t just swirling that all over your face and possibly causing breakouts.  Well, I have been seeing this really cool glove that is supposed to help you clean your brushes, making it easier and getting them cleaner than just using your hand.




The problem?  It’s $35!!  Yeah, I just put that out of my mind thinking heck no, I’m not spending that much!

So you can imagine how happy I was when I came across THIS on Pinterest.  It’s a how to video on making your own version of this glove!  Basically you use a waterproof surface (like a clipboard) and make the dots and patterns like the glove has, using hot glue!

When I saw that I thought, hey that looks super easy.  I should totally do that.  And I did.

This is what my version looks like, or I should say, my first version.

securedownload (2) securedownload securedownload (1)

I could not find a clipboard at my local dollar store, so I ended up getting a little plastic serving tray for $1.  I really just wanted to see if it would work at all.  Well, IT DID!!!  This is a little big to fit under my (small) faucet in my bathroom, but I was still able to use it and I LOVE it!  I am going to find something a little smaller the next time I get to Dollar Tree…maybe even a small cutting board or something.  It took me less than 5 minutes to get this done, and it made cleaning my brushes sooo much easier.  I think it got them a lot cleaner, too.  A few of them went back to their original white color, which I had never been able to get them to do by just hand washing them.

You can watch the video linked above, but the basic idea is that you want to do some small dots, some large dots, then swirls all over the surface.  Then just add some face wash or whatever you use to clean your brushes and start swirling them around.  You will do the same thing after they have all of the makeup out of them, to get the soap out.  Then just rinse it off and let it dry to store.  Pretty cool, huh?!  It’s the same idea as the Sigma glove, just $34 cheaper!

Let me know if you try it and what you think of it!

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Crocheted Halloween Dishcloths

See, told ya I would post something before Thursday!

So I have this board on Pinterest for all kinds of patterns….crochet, sewing, embroidery, etc….and at almost 650 pins, it’s a bit ridiculous.  I’m not sure I would EVER be able to finish all of those patterns, but my new goal is to try a pattern from off of the board at least once a month.  There are so many really cool ideas on there, but if you don’t actually DO them, what’s the point?  So, to put a giant check mark on the first month– I made these!


This is actually THREE new dishcloth patterns (I’m an overachiever, what can I say?!), but I they totally go together!  I made this set to take up to the Farmer’s Market I set up at each Saturday morning, and they sold the first day!  I might make a few more sets, but dude……that bat is HARD.  I might just stick to the ghostie and the pumpkin.

I didn’t follow the ghost pattern exactly, because I don’t like my washcloths really big (and I was running out of white cotton yarn…).  I just stopped when I had him about the size of my hand.  The bottom scallops weren’t spaced out exactly right, but overall he was super cute!

The pumpkin worked up super quick and was a really easy pattern.  The stem was the funnest (is that even a word?!) part….it’s crazy how doing more than one stitch in the same space will make that fun curly q!  I have made a few more of those for my booth, too.

Now, the bat on the other hand…..it was kind of difficult.  I don’t know if I lost count somewhere or if the pattern isn’t quite correct, but it just wasn’t working up right.  So I was pretty much just winging it.  Who knows, it was probably my fault anyway.  But either way, he turned out pretty cute!

(I think you will have to be a member of Ravelry to view the patterns, but it’s a fantastic site and I would highly recommend becoming a member)


Have you tried any new patterns lately?  Care to share?

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Pink Zebra Print Purse Cake


So I was asked by a friend to make her sister’s birthday cake.  They wanted a pink zebra purse cake.  I can do that!  I thought I’d share the process on here of how I did it.


To start with, you will need to bake your cake.  I used two 10″ round cakes, you could use 6″, 8″, or even 12″.  I don’t think I’d go much bigger than that, I’d worry about it being too heavy. (Side note- I only use cake mixes when decorating cakes because 1. I know they will be delicious and 2. I know the density of the cake, which is important when decorating cakes.  You wouldn’t want a super super soft cake that wouldn’t withstand the weight of your icing. 3.  It’s easier, duh.  And I only use Duncan Hines– they are the best!  End of side note. )  They chose a lemon cake for this, and I have to say that it was the most delicious, fluffy lemon cake I have ever tasted.  To make the two 10″ cakes, I used two cake mixes.  After they have baked, cut the tops off so that they are level and turn onto a cooling rack.  Let cool completely.

IMG_8649Next you will need to stack them.  Since this cake will be standing up, I did this part on a cookie sheet.  Just take one cake layer and place on your cookie sheet baked side DOWN, meaning the crumb side will be facing UP.  Spread an even layer of icing over that, making sure you don’t get it too thick.  If it is too thick the icing won’t set and you could have a big mess on your hands later when your cake layers come apart.

Place your second cake layer on top of the icing, with the crumb side facing DOWN and your baked side facing UP.


After you have your layers stacked, the next step is to make one side flat so that the cake will stand up.  So grab a big bread knife, make sure it’s straight, and hack off the end of it, like this.

IMG_8651Remove the piece that you cut off, we won’t need it.  Now, what you do with that leftover cake is up to you– I picked it up and ate it like a lemon/buttercream sandwich.  And it was delicious and I don’t regret it for a minute ;-).

IMG_8652If you need to trim it up a little to make it straight, do that now.


Next you will need to dirty ice your cake.  This means that you will spread a thin layer of icing all over your cake.  It doesn’t matter how this part looks, whether there are crumbs in it or if the cake shows.  You will cover this up with another layer of icing later.  You do this so that it will set up and your cake will be more stabilized, and so that when you ice your second layer, it should go on smoother with no crumbs.  And do you see that gap between the cakes where the icing didn’t fill it up?  Take your spatula and squish some icing in that ridge all the way around, then spread it flat.  It will make it more even!


You want to make sure to ice the bottom too.  It will seal your cake up so that it won’t dry out.


Now just pop it into the fridge for an hour or two, or until the icing is hardened.  You want to be able to touch it without any icing coming off on your finger.  It will also look a little crusty.  This is good.


After your cake is set, you are going to add it to your cake board (or platter).  I used this silver cardboard cake board that you can buy at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.  It is 12″ wide (for my 10″ cake).


Since this order called for writing on the cake board, I needed to place my cake off center.  To do this, I used the biggest spatula I could find and ran it under the cake, making sure there were no stuck pieces.  Then I just lifted it up and placed in a a smear of frosting that I put on the board, to help the cake stick.  Since your cake has been in the fridge for a few hours, it should be pretty easy to handle.


Then you can dirty ice the back of the cake and then stick it back in the fridge for an hour or so.

Take it back out and put your final layer of icing on.  You will want to do this pretty carefully so that you don’t tip your cake over.  I use an offset spatula, if you don’t have one, it is worth the $3 or $4!


There!  All iced up!  The cake will have a lot of lines on it where you spread the icing around, so to get rid of some of those, I have a handy dandy trick.  Get a cup of HOT water.  Then stick your spatula in the water and let it sit for 10 seconds or so.  I traded my small offset spatula out for a large one, but you could use either.


When it is nice and hot, carefully run the spatula over the cake, and you will notice it will almost melt the lines.  It makes your cake nice and smooth and will even give it a nice shine.

IMG_8662You don’t want to push too hard or you will just make more indents in the icing.

IMG_8663That’s better!  Not as smooth as some that I have done, but good enough!

Then it was time to start adding the zebra stripes.  I tinted some icing hot pink and put it into a decorating bag with a small writing tip, like this one–

IMG_8668It’s just a circle.  I found a picture online that had pretty easy to replicate zebra stripes and started in!  I actually started by doing the small half circle of the top of the cake.  That way I could practice a bit before doing the front, which everyone will see.  Basically what you want to do is outline a stripe in the pink, then go back in and add a bit more icing to the middle.

IMG_8665Then you will just take your offset spatual and smooth it all out.  If it spreads, that’s ok!  As long as it doesn’t hit the other lines, it’s a very forgiving design.

IMG_8664You can see the top two haven’t been smoothed, while the rest have.  Just keep going all across the cake.

IMG_8667I added a solid pink flap to the front to break it up a little.  Next time I will probably take the pink across the top part too.  To do that part, I just outlined it then piped in some pink all across it and then spread it with my spatula.


IMG_8669I did the same stripes along the back, too.  After I was finished, I ran a single line of pink icing all around the edges to give it a finished look.

IMG_8670For the strap of the purse, I used a large banana laffy taffy candy.  Make sure to warm it up in your hands and bend it GENTLY!  When you have it how you want, just stick it on down into the cake.  I went ahead and piped around the straps too, since it pulls some of the icing in with it.


Then I just had to write my greeting on my board!  That’s it!

IMG_8712I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and I think they were too!!

IMG_8713Let me know if you have any questions!

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Peacock Wedding- THE DECORATIONS! Part 2

Ok, so I’m just going to jump into the decorations for the reception and just overload you with photos.  Just a warning, this is a ridiculously long post.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!!

Ok, so this is what we started with.

And this is what we brought in :-).  I used to drive a Neon until just recently when I got a GMC Yukon…it could NOT have come at a better time lol!!  I felt like I packed up my entire house!  But I’ve always thought that even if it takes a few more boxes to bring it in…those few extra touches are worth it!!

We were actually able to get the key to the building on Tuesday, even though the wedding wasn’t until Sunday.  I knew we would be cooking all evening Friday and finishing stuff up, plus we were positive we would have one last minute shopping trip to make, so we needed to get in there early and get it done!!  All of that while working full time lol.  We decorated Tuesday, shopped Wednesday, decorated again on Thursday, and then cooked Friday.

The bride wanted to have things white with splashes of color throughout.  So for the tables, we stuck with white tablecloths we got from Sam’s, they were $5 for 6.  They were nicer than the plastic ones you get at the dollar store, and even cheaper!  Then we added a square mirror we got at Hobby Lobby when mirrors were 50% off, so we paid $2.50 each.

On top of that, we placed an eiffel tower vase that we bought from HERE.  This site is great for wedding stuff!  We priced these vases at Hobby Lobby and they were a staggering $40 EACH!!!!  We were able to get a dozen of these, shipped, for less than what we have paid for TWO of them at Hob Lob.  C-raaaa-zy!  Inside the vases, we put a little bit of sand so that they wouldn’t tip over, then added little LED lights so that they would light up.  We made the arrangements from flowers we got at Hobby Lobby (50% off of course).  The bride wanted each arrangement to be different, so we were able to use quite a few different flowers and glitter picks.  As we were putting them in the vases, we didn’t think they looked ‘full’ enough down at the bottom, so we came up with the tissue paper idea.  We just took a sheet of tissue, poked a hole in the middle of it, then threaded the arrangement through and poofed it up under it.  I think it looked pretty awesome and just added the finishing touch!

To the tables we also added candle holders in the varying colors (purple, blue, green, silver, white, and a few pink).  We tried to get the mercury style when we could.  Most of those we actually picked up at Hobby Lobby too, for 50% off.  They ranged from $1- $3 each.

We also got a few packages of just plain white votive candles in glass cups from Hobby Lobby.  I think they were about $6 for a package of 12.  We used 3 total??  We also filled the candle holders with plain white votives (without cups) that were 24 for $5.  We wanted candles EVERYWHERE since it would be a night reception.  We also bought a big tub of rhinestones, that you would use to craft with.  It was $16, and I used a 40% off coupon.  We were able to sprinkle the jewels over the entire reception, and it just added tons of sparkle!

We had a few small square tables that we were planning to use for kids tables.  They weren’t very sturdy, not to mention KIDS would be around them, so we didn’t want to use the tall vases.  Just imagine if one of those came crashing down on one of their heads lol.  So we went with smaller arrangements in short square vases, like this.

We got the vases from Hobby Lobby, for 50% off and paid $7.50 each.  It was a little more than we wanted to pay, but they are a super heavy vase,  and I’ve actually used them for another party, so I guess it was worth the splurge!  To make the arrangements, we cut a piece of floral foam and stuffed it down in the vase, then started with just a small green, leaf bush we got for 75 cents.  then we just added glittery picks, including those sparkly peacock feathers!  Aren’t they awesome?!  Everything came from Hobby Lobby, half off.  We actually did those a month or so ahead of time, so at the point we just took the arrangement back out and packed it in a box.  Then the day of, we wrapped each one in tissue paper and stuffed them in!

Here was the bride and groom table…which I don’t think they sat at…at ALL! LOL.  And I can’t seem to find a picture right now, but we also hung a turquoise chandelier that we got at Hobby Lobby above their table, in front of the window.  It was all glass and caught the light beautifully!  You can see a little of it in the chair below.



We even decorated the bathrooms!  We added this pretty arrangement in the ladies room.  I also whipped out some cute little hand soaps to put in there.  All I did was remove the label from the bottle,  then designed a little label in microsoft word, printed it out, cut it out, and modge podged it on!  I think it was a nice touch.

This was the guest book/gift table.

Candle holders from Ross- $6 and $7, guest book and matching pen from Hobby Lobby, 50% off  $15 (I think) and $10.  Here is a close up of our sign.  We were offering Safe Drive, since we were serving alcohol.  Safe Drive is basically a set of two people, one takes you, in your vehicle home.  Then the second person follows and picks the other driver up.  That way you AND your vehicle are home!

The birdcage is actually a garage sale find that I already had, but we spray painted it with a ‘hammered’ color, and then threaded purple ribbon through it,  hot glued a few peacock feathers and then hot glued the ‘Cards’ sign on.  I just printed it out in microsoft word.

We wanted to do something for the windows, and she has started decorating her front room with bright colored glass.  So we pulled all of that, and grabbed a few more at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section (for like, 17 cents.  Seriously)  Then we grouped them in every other set of windows, on alternating sides.  The other sets of windows, we just twisted some matching crepe paper.  They were very beautiful with the light hitting them.




We also did the twisted streamers over a door that we did not want people using.

Next to this door, we had a little table set up with some fun stuff.  I made this cute little lightbox, with pink lights inside and their monogram.  I actually found the monogram as a sticker at Hobby Lobby for $1.

We set her wedding bouquet behind it.  Then we had a basket of favors, which were these awesome koozies we had printed HERE.  They were very inexpensive and came super quick.  They had “The most sincere form of love…is the love of beer” on one side, and the other had their name and wedding date.  Everyone loved them!

We also put the groom’s cake on that table and some customized word puzzles that the bride got online and made for people to do and coloring books for little kids that we printed.

Next to that table was the cupcake tower/candy bar table.  My mom’s bf made the cupcake tower with the help of my mom and I ;-).  I had the general idea of what I wanted, mom made the plans, and Anthony put them all together!  I will share those with you later.  Then I spray painted the whole thing with metallic silver spray paint.  It. Was. HUGE.  We bought little corner ceramic tiles from Lowe’s for about $1.50 each and used marker board markers to write the different flavors of cupcakes on them.  They worked perfectly!!  We used crepe paper streamers to add some color.   It made a huge impact and everyone loved it.

I’ll go into more detail on the candy bar in a later post…just know that it was awesome-sauce :-).

Next up was the cake table.  I glittered a set of plastic wineglasses from Dollar Tree for them to use, the cake stand came from Hobby Lobby.   It was a splurge at $25 (which was 50% off the orig price), but it was my gift for helping :-).  I mean, hey, I did the cake for free, I’m sure I deserved a little something!  We got the pink cake server at Hob Lob for $4.

We bought the table skirt at Party City, for about $5.

The arrangement we put together with a few large bouquets from Hobby Lobby and some peacock feathers, glittered picks, and my beautiful Celebrating Homes mercury vase.  Love that thing.  Seriously.  Here it is with the cake on it.

We got the embellishments at Walmart, for $2.  We also bought a few bags of these round glitter balls at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars that we spread over the front tables.  The kids LOVED them, the vacuum did NOT. lol  The next day one of my other sisters literally crawled around on the floor picking up those balls and the rhinestones.  Oops!

Ok, so to end this ridiculously long post, I will just post a few random photos.  What a beautiful time.

Ainsley wanted in on their first dance lol!