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Shark Cocoon Blanket


This is a very long overdue post to go along with the Mermaid Tail Blanket that I posted right before this one.  I made this for my cute little nephew, Kolton Lee, as a Christmas present.  I made his sister the Mermaid Tail and I wanted to find a boy version.   While I think that boys can absolutely have a mermaid tail, which is what he would have gotten if I hadn’t found this, I am so glad that I came across this pattern.

The thing about these cocoons is that yes, they are FAST to work up, but they do take a lot of yarn.  Personally I would rather use more yarn and finish my project quicker though!  I lucked out and had this pattern picked out in time for me to hit the Black Friday sale at Walmart, so I found the yarn that I needed for only $2 a skein instead of it’s usual $4.  I believe that I ended up using 11 skeins total. It was Lion’s Brand, the super chunky stuff. I think that if I were to make this again (and oh, I totally will be), that I would try it with three strands of Red Heart worsted weight yarn.  While the Lion’s Brand is incredibly soft, it also made it HEAVY!  My arms were getting tired turning the blanket over and over and over!  That is another reason that I will use worsted weight next time.   I found the buttons that I used for the eyes at Walmart for $1 or $2 a piece.  I also used two strands of regular worsted weight, Red Heart yarn for the teeth and gums.  Easy peasy!


The pattern that I used was one that I would highly recommend– MJ’s Bulky & Quick Shark Blanket.  I know that some people balk at the idea of paying for patterns, but I really think that you can tell a difference in the end product in a pattern that you have paid for and one that you can get for free.  Not always!  But sometimes, I think it is 100% worth it to pay the little bit for the pattern to get a more professional look.

As far as the pattern itself, I followed it exactly.  it worked up extremely quick, within 4 or 5 hours from start to finish.  The only thing that I would change if I were to do it again would be to change the placement of the fin :-).  While Kolton didn’t think anything of it, the adults all had a little snicker at it. Also, you might notice that his feet looked pretty squished in there.  That’s because this little guy likes to wear his boots about 3 sizes too big!  lol.  He clunk clunk clunks around in a pair of boots that were meant for his sister, and he doesn’t care a bit!


I actually plan to work one or two of these up to take with me in my farmer’s market and craft booth this year.  I hope they sell well!

Pattern HERE.

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One Hour Potholder- Crochet



I have been using THIS pattern ever since I pinned it and featured it on my Pinworthy Thursday, with fantastic results, so I thought it was time to share it here!  It is called the Easy One Hour Potholder from the This Crafting Life blog.

This is like the pattern that my Mom uses– she has made potholders like this for years!  In fact, this is the type of potholder that she made and gave me as a wedding gift 7 years ago.  I use them every day, and they are still just as durable and just as good as they were the day she gave them to me.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow, and just uses a simple single crochet throughout.  The first one I did, I think it took me a little longer than an hour, but now I can whip one out in no time at all.  I actually find them a little addicting to make.  I love the patterns that happen when you use a variegated yarn– and it turns out differently every single time!



The coolest thing about this pattern is that basically you just keep crocheting, you don’t have to count, and you don’t have to turn.  It works ‘in the round’.  It will eventually start working itself into a square all on its own.  I personally like my potholders a little on the larger side, so I increased my first chain to 35 or 36.  That gives you a bigger size (like the rainbow one above).



Then you just have to work a set of slip stitches down the back to connect!  It’s as easy as that!

I have made quite a few, and I have added them to my farmer’s market booth. (on the right, at the back)  I am also going to be making quite a few up to have as bingo prizes during our county fair.  I am on the county fair board and we gave dollar coins as prizes last year, but we wanted to mix it up a little bit and add some new prizes this year.


10299089_10152081452111314_1283547311733646150_nI think these would make SUCH a fun gift, especially paired with the Loopy Dishcloth .  I think I might make a few sets using matching yarn for the bingo prizes.  That would be a fun prize, don’t you think?!

Now, I’m off to finish the purple one I am working on right now 🙂  Let me know if you make one!


Pattern for potholder HERE.

Pattern for Loopy Dishcloth HERE.

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

So I have really gotten into make up lately, and I have built up a little collection of make up brushes to apply it.  You are supposed to clean your brushes like once a week, to get all of the makeup and bacteria out of them.  That way you aren’t just swirling that all over your face and possibly causing breakouts.  Well, I have been seeing this really cool glove that is supposed to help you clean your brushes, making it easier and getting them cleaner than just using your hand.




The problem?  It’s $35!!  Yeah, I just put that out of my mind thinking heck no, I’m not spending that much!

So you can imagine how happy I was when I came across THIS on Pinterest.  It’s a how to video on making your own version of this glove!  Basically you use a waterproof surface (like a clipboard) and make the dots and patterns like the glove has, using hot glue!

When I saw that I thought, hey that looks super easy.  I should totally do that.  And I did.

This is what my version looks like, or I should say, my first version.

securedownload (2) securedownload securedownload (1)

I could not find a clipboard at my local dollar store, so I ended up getting a little plastic serving tray for $1.  I really just wanted to see if it would work at all.  Well, IT DID!!!  This is a little big to fit under my (small) faucet in my bathroom, but I was still able to use it and I LOVE it!  I am going to find something a little smaller the next time I get to Dollar Tree…maybe even a small cutting board or something.  It took me less than 5 minutes to get this done, and it made cleaning my brushes sooo much easier.  I think it got them a lot cleaner, too.  A few of them went back to their original white color, which I had never been able to get them to do by just hand washing them.

You can watch the video linked above, but the basic idea is that you want to do some small dots, some large dots, then swirls all over the surface.  Then just add some face wash or whatever you use to clean your brushes and start swirling them around.  You will do the same thing after they have all of the makeup out of them, to get the soap out.  Then just rinse it off and let it dry to store.  Pretty cool, huh?!  It’s the same idea as the Sigma glove, just $34 cheaper!

Let me know if you try it and what you think of it!

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Peacock Wedding- THE DECORATIONS! Part 2

Ok, so I’m just going to jump into the decorations for the reception and just overload you with photos.  Just a warning, this is a ridiculously long post.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!!

Ok, so this is what we started with.

And this is what we brought in :-).  I used to drive a Neon until just recently when I got a GMC Yukon…it could NOT have come at a better time lol!!  I felt like I packed up my entire house!  But I’ve always thought that even if it takes a few more boxes to bring it in…those few extra touches are worth it!!

We were actually able to get the key to the building on Tuesday, even though the wedding wasn’t until Sunday.  I knew we would be cooking all evening Friday and finishing stuff up, plus we were positive we would have one last minute shopping trip to make, so we needed to get in there early and get it done!!  All of that while working full time lol.  We decorated Tuesday, shopped Wednesday, decorated again on Thursday, and then cooked Friday.

The bride wanted to have things white with splashes of color throughout.  So for the tables, we stuck with white tablecloths we got from Sam’s, they were $5 for 6.  They were nicer than the plastic ones you get at the dollar store, and even cheaper!  Then we added a square mirror we got at Hobby Lobby when mirrors were 50% off, so we paid $2.50 each.

On top of that, we placed an eiffel tower vase that we bought from HERE.  This site is great for wedding stuff!  We priced these vases at Hobby Lobby and they were a staggering $40 EACH!!!!  We were able to get a dozen of these, shipped, for less than what we have paid for TWO of them at Hob Lob.  C-raaaa-zy!  Inside the vases, we put a little bit of sand so that they wouldn’t tip over, then added little LED lights so that they would light up.  We made the arrangements from flowers we got at Hobby Lobby (50% off of course).  The bride wanted each arrangement to be different, so we were able to use quite a few different flowers and glitter picks.  As we were putting them in the vases, we didn’t think they looked ‘full’ enough down at the bottom, so we came up with the tissue paper idea.  We just took a sheet of tissue, poked a hole in the middle of it, then threaded the arrangement through and poofed it up under it.  I think it looked pretty awesome and just added the finishing touch!

To the tables we also added candle holders in the varying colors (purple, blue, green, silver, white, and a few pink).  We tried to get the mercury style when we could.  Most of those we actually picked up at Hobby Lobby too, for 50% off.  They ranged from $1- $3 each.

We also got a few packages of just plain white votive candles in glass cups from Hobby Lobby.  I think they were about $6 for a package of 12.  We used 3 total??  We also filled the candle holders with plain white votives (without cups) that were 24 for $5.  We wanted candles EVERYWHERE since it would be a night reception.  We also bought a big tub of rhinestones, that you would use to craft with.  It was $16, and I used a 40% off coupon.  We were able to sprinkle the jewels over the entire reception, and it just added tons of sparkle!

We had a few small square tables that we were planning to use for kids tables.  They weren’t very sturdy, not to mention KIDS would be around them, so we didn’t want to use the tall vases.  Just imagine if one of those came crashing down on one of their heads lol.  So we went with smaller arrangements in short square vases, like this.

We got the vases from Hobby Lobby, for 50% off and paid $7.50 each.  It was a little more than we wanted to pay, but they are a super heavy vase,  and I’ve actually used them for another party, so I guess it was worth the splurge!  To make the arrangements, we cut a piece of floral foam and stuffed it down in the vase, then started with just a small green, leaf bush we got for 75 cents.  then we just added glittery picks, including those sparkly peacock feathers!  Aren’t they awesome?!  Everything came from Hobby Lobby, half off.  We actually did those a month or so ahead of time, so at the point we just took the arrangement back out and packed it in a box.  Then the day of, we wrapped each one in tissue paper and stuffed them in!

Here was the bride and groom table…which I don’t think they sat at…at ALL! LOL.  And I can’t seem to find a picture right now, but we also hung a turquoise chandelier that we got at Hobby Lobby above their table, in front of the window.  It was all glass and caught the light beautifully!  You can see a little of it in the chair below.



We even decorated the bathrooms!  We added this pretty arrangement in the ladies room.  I also whipped out some cute little hand soaps to put in there.  All I did was remove the label from the bottle,  then designed a little label in microsoft word, printed it out, cut it out, and modge podged it on!  I think it was a nice touch.

This was the guest book/gift table.

Candle holders from Ross- $6 and $7, guest book and matching pen from Hobby Lobby, 50% off  $15 (I think) and $10.  Here is a close up of our sign.  We were offering Safe Drive, since we were serving alcohol.  Safe Drive is basically a set of two people, one takes you, in your vehicle home.  Then the second person follows and picks the other driver up.  That way you AND your vehicle are home!

The birdcage is actually a garage sale find that I already had, but we spray painted it with a ‘hammered’ color, and then threaded purple ribbon through it,  hot glued a few peacock feathers and then hot glued the ‘Cards’ sign on.  I just printed it out in microsoft word.

We wanted to do something for the windows, and she has started decorating her front room with bright colored glass.  So we pulled all of that, and grabbed a few more at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section (for like, 17 cents.  Seriously)  Then we grouped them in every other set of windows, on alternating sides.  The other sets of windows, we just twisted some matching crepe paper.  They were very beautiful with the light hitting them.




We also did the twisted streamers over a door that we did not want people using.

Next to this door, we had a little table set up with some fun stuff.  I made this cute little lightbox, with pink lights inside and their monogram.  I actually found the monogram as a sticker at Hobby Lobby for $1.

We set her wedding bouquet behind it.  Then we had a basket of favors, which were these awesome koozies we had printed HERE.  They were very inexpensive and came super quick.  They had “The most sincere form of love…is the love of beer” on one side, and the other had their name and wedding date.  Everyone loved them!

We also put the groom’s cake on that table and some customized word puzzles that the bride got online and made for people to do and coloring books for little kids that we printed.

Next to that table was the cupcake tower/candy bar table.  My mom’s bf made the cupcake tower with the help of my mom and I ;-).  I had the general idea of what I wanted, mom made the plans, and Anthony put them all together!  I will share those with you later.  Then I spray painted the whole thing with metallic silver spray paint.  It. Was. HUGE.  We bought little corner ceramic tiles from Lowe’s for about $1.50 each and used marker board markers to write the different flavors of cupcakes on them.  They worked perfectly!!  We used crepe paper streamers to add some color.   It made a huge impact and everyone loved it.

I’ll go into more detail on the candy bar in a later post…just know that it was awesome-sauce :-).

Next up was the cake table.  I glittered a set of plastic wineglasses from Dollar Tree for them to use, the cake stand came from Hobby Lobby.   It was a splurge at $25 (which was 50% off the orig price), but it was my gift for helping :-).  I mean, hey, I did the cake for free, I’m sure I deserved a little something!  We got the pink cake server at Hob Lob for $4.

We bought the table skirt at Party City, for about $5.

The arrangement we put together with a few large bouquets from Hobby Lobby and some peacock feathers, glittered picks, and my beautiful Celebrating Homes mercury vase.  Love that thing.  Seriously.  Here it is with the cake on it.

We got the embellishments at Walmart, for $2.  We also bought a few bags of these round glitter balls at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars that we spread over the front tables.  The kids LOVED them, the vacuum did NOT. lol  The next day one of my other sisters literally crawled around on the floor picking up those balls and the rhinestones.  Oops!

Ok, so to end this ridiculously long post, I will just post a few random photos.  What a beautiful time.

Ainsley wanted in on their first dance lol!



Crafty Stuff….

So I know that I have had a few more recipes rather than crafts lately.  Part of that is that I haven’t had a show in almost a month, and the other part is that I have been working on something pretty special!  Remember when I told you that I had gotten a kiln?  Well, I’ve been using it to slump bottles!!

Basically bottle slumping is melting bottles (usually liquor or beer) until they are flat.  They can be used as cutting boards or cheese trays or spoon holders or a ton of other things!  They look like this:

Pretty cool huh?  This is a beer bottle that I slumped, then added a little Pampered Chef spoon to serve with.  It would make a great gift or a great addition to any bar–need something to cut lemons on for your tequila?  Use a slumped bottle! lol

They come in big sizes, too:

They can also be little bowls!  They will hold olives, or dip, or even crackers!  Cool, huh?!

You can use them as cutting boards, cheese trays, spoon rests, or even just as a regular plate!  I am pretty excited about them!  It took a lot of trial and error with my kiln, but I am starting to crank them out now.  I am actually going to be putting thme in some stores in my area, if things work out.  I will also have them listed in my etsy shop, so check it out if you have time!


Shot Glass Snowman

(I am at a Christmas craft show today, hoping people will buy all of my stuff, so say a quick prayer for me if you think about it 😉  Wish me luck!  )

Hello!  Back with another day of Christmas Crafts!  Today I’m going to show you how I made this cute little guy:


A show glass snowman!!  Here are some of the supplies to make your own.

Two show glasses (or small candleholders), some sparkly basket filler (got mine at $ Tree), some glass glue, and then pretend there is some orange and black paint and a scrap of fabric for his scarf.

Start by take the shreds and stuffing it your snowman full of it.  It’s going to be kind of messy and, as you can see in my photo, it will kind of shrink down.  Just wad it in a ball and push it in.  And use a little bit more than you think you will need– it will settle again.

When you have the right amount of fill, take it all out and apply some glass glue along the rim of your glasses.

Carefully smoosh all of your shred back into the glasses, trying not to get glue ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!  lol Make sure the glasses are lined up and then I taped them so that they would stay in the right place, but that’s totally optional.  Let dry completely (usually overnight).  Draw a snowman face on him- I used the back of a paintbrush for his mouth and the end of a glue gun stick for his eyes.  Let dry completely.  If his shreds have fallen a bit, just give him a good shake and it should fluff them out again.  Add a little scrap of fabric as a scarf and you are done!

CUTE!  I think you could easily do a few of them and set them all over everywhere!  The best part?  He is kind of sparkly since his shred is shiny.  LOVE IT!


Snowman Candleholders

Cute, aren’t they?  I whipped these babies up for a craft show a month or so ago and thought I’d share.  They were super simple and pretty cheap to make!!  I figured it’s time to get these Christmas Crafts rollin’ out before it’s too late…I mean, Christmas is only 23 days away!!  Yikes!  Here’s how I made them:

Snowman Candleholders

$ Tree candleholders- I got the ones with a ruffled top, but any of them would work

‘Frosted’ paint (it will be with the spray paint)

Black and orange paint

Ribbon or raffia, optional

Take your candle holders and spray paint them with your frosted paint.  Let dry completely.  Draw a snowman face and don’t forget the carrot nose!  I can’t draw a perfect circle to save my life, so I actually used the end of a glue stick for his mouth and the top of a nail polish bottle for his eyes, then used the wrong end of a little paint brush to ‘draw’ his nose and filled in with the brush.  Let him dry and add a candle or one of those battery operated tea lights (you can get them at the $ Tree, too!)  You could also tie ribbon or raffia around the top to add a little extra color, but I couldn’t find any in my stash that I thought went with it.  Now just stick them around the house and enjoy your cute little Snowman face!


Christmas Ornament Magnets

Hey all!

So I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to decorate my house for the holidays.  Everything is sparkly and red and cinnamon-y lol!  It’s my favorite season for sure!  One of the things I did this year was to make some decorations for my fridge!  Yep!  It was super cheap, too.  Here’s how I did it.

Take some ornaments.  Any ornaments.  I got mine at the $ Tree. 

 Take some magnets, you can get them at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.  They come in packages of 18 for like $2 I think.  I like to get the giant 50 pack for $6 though, I like to magnetize things ;-).  

Most of them actually come with adhesive on the back, so if they do, all you have to do is turn your ornament over, take the backing off your magnet and stick it to the back. 

If it doesn’t have the adhesive, take a glue gun and attach it to the back.  Let it dry and you are set! 


Beautimus!  Now just take them and decorate your fridge, or in this case, a cute little magnet board.  They would make super cute little stocking stuffers, or even use them as a gift tag on gifts. 

Here they are all done!


I have to say, even though I love the sparkly Santa and the poinsettas, the plain ball ones are my favorite!  To get them to go on flat, I just pushed the magnet in until it collapsed it a bit (they were plastic) but it would be cute even if it wasn’t.

So go, make these, and share with friends.  🙂

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2×4 Turkey

Hey everyone!  I hope you had a really good, safe Halloween last night!  I just love passing out candy and seeing all of the trick or treaters and who is dressed as what.  My cute little niece and nephew helped me pass out candy before they went trick or treating.  Well, my niece did, my 6 week old nephew just kept us company! 😉 

Ok, so now Halloween is officially OVER and it’s time to focus more on the next holiday…Thanksgiving :-).  When I think Thanksgiving, I think family…and pumpkin pie lol.  It’s actually one of my favorite holidays because it isn’t about the gifts or the candy, it really is all FAMILY (and food!) and it’s wonderful.  I am going to try to decorate my house more for this holiday, usually I decorate a lot at Halloween and then just take down most of the decorations, but leave up anything with pumpkins that can tide me over until it’s time to decorate for Christmas.  Well not this year!  So to start the season off, here is a tut on a 2×4 turkey.  Please excuse my absolutely awful pictures, that’s also why there are just a few, they were on my phone. 

Basically, take a scrap piece of 2×4, or if you don’t have random pieces of wood lying around, this piece is about 4″x4″ (or 3.5″, did you know 2×4’s aren’t actually 4″ wide, more like 3.5″?  ripofffffff).  Anyway, take your wood.  paint it brown and let it dry.  Take a paint stick and cut it so that the little shaped end sticks up a bit over the top of your wood when you hold it against it.  Paint it brown and let it dry, too.  Now, take some popsicle sticks…any size is fine, and paint them different colors.  I used a lime green, turquoise, red, and orange (I know the colors look different in the pics, but I swear that’s what they are lol).  Be sure to paint both sides and the ends of all the sticks.  When they are dry, you will need to cut them in half, so that you have two ends.  Arrange them around the top and sides of the turkey and use a hot glue gun and stick them on.  I found it easier to put them on with a pretty big gap between them, then come back and fill in with a second row, so that it was all even. 

Then just hot glue your paint stick onto the front, use a marker to add eyes and a little bit of orange paint for a beak and red for his waddle.  Let everything dry and he is done!!!

I actually made a set of three and I think they will look super cute displayed together!  Yay Thanksgiving!!  Have a happy November 1st!

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glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!!!

Crappy phone pic--just imagine the beautiful colors and the SPARKLE!

I don’t know about you…but I am a serious lover of all things that glitter.   So when I came across some glitter magnets on Pinterest I knew I would be making them, and soon!  I mean, come ON, I had just gotten a new 12 pack of glitter!!!

So I read the tutorial that the Pin links to, but I’ll admit I didn’t follow it, so I’ll just tell you how I did it.  It looks like a perfectly wonderful tutorial, but my rocks that I had didnt’ show the glitter through the stone, so I had to improvise.  (I apparently did not get any pictures of me making these awesome glittery things, so you’ll just have to imagine it and email me if you have any questions.  My bad.)

Get a bag of clear rocks from the Dollar Tree.  Or I guess it doesn’t even have to be clear if you follow my directions lol!!  So get some of those rocks.  And get some awesome glitter in some fantabulous colors.  You will also need modge podge, a foam brush, magnet circles, and hot glue (if your magnets aren’t self adhesive).  I also sprayed mine with a coat of acrylic spray, but that’s totally optional.

Now, I will warn you in advance….the glitter in this project?  Yeah, it’s going to get EVERYWHERE!  So do it outside.  Or you can do it in your living room like I did, but don’t be surprised if you are still seeing glitter two weeks later.  My bad, C, my bad, but I personally think his jeans look MUCH better with that purple glitter on them :-).  There is a reason they call glitter the ‘herpes’ of crafting supplies.  You touch that shiz once and you can’t get rid of it, and you’re just going to spread the love, man.

Sooooo, all you have to do is this.  Take a rock, spread some modge podge on it, preferably the side that is NOT flat, since you will want the flat side to be where your magnet goes.  Then, cover the modge podge in glitter.  You COULD roll it in some glitter that you put out on paper or a bowl or something, but it will sparkle more if you just shake it on.  I dunno…something about it doesn’t compact it, so there are more ‘edges’ to glitter.   So just keep shaking it until it’s covered, then, DON’T pour off the excess!  Let it sit overnight before you do so that you get maximum stickage (yeah, I said it).   Repeat with all of your other rocks, doing one color per sheet.

 The next day (or like, 8 hours later) shake off all the excess glitter.  Put all of the rocks together on one sheet of paper or newspaper and spray it with a layer of acrylic spray.  Let that dry completely.

Crappy phone pic--just imagine the beautiful colors and the SPARKLE!

Turn the magenets over and either a) take the sticker cover off the back of your circle magnet and stick on or b) hot glue your circle magnet on.  Then you are all done!  LOVE THEM!

So sparkly and gorgeous!  And they look FANTASTIC on the magnet boards that we have done.  Helllooooo awesome stocking stuffer!!

But that’s not all that I did!!  I pinned this pin on Pinterest. (say that 5 times fast!!) Thumbtacks?!  Heck yes!  I was already on a roll and covered in glitter, so why the heck not?! 

Get some thumbtacks (Dollar Tree, holla!) Dip it in some modge podge, and roll in glitter, yes I rolled, no glitter edges, but what the hey, I wasn’t shaking glitter on 100 sideways thumbtacks, but that’s just me.  I went ahead and sprayed them with the acrylic spray too.  I think they turned out just B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL!  So if I know you and you get a Christmas gift from me…expect something that sparkles this year.  I just can’t help it.

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