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Warm Chicken Curry Dip

on May 13, 2016

This dip….is good.  No, it’s great.  Divine.  Mind blowing.  The best thing that has ever happened to your taste buds!

The first time I came upon this recipe was on one of my favorite blogs– Brittany Herself, and I read through it just like I read through all of her blog posts every day, and I just went about my business.  Back in 2012 I had never had curry and it never really interested me to try it.  Since then, however, I have had curry multiple times and am officially in love with it now! I would pretty much eat curry every damn day if I could, but alas, Nate does not like it and won’t eat it.  So I am only able to have it when we go out to eat at a place that might serve it, wait until he is gone for the evening and make it for myself, OR start taking this dip to every single party I go to from now on.  Three guesses on which one I plan to do!

Someone shared this dip again on a facebook thread about appetizers, and I decided to make it for an appetizer for our christmas dinner this year.  I had planned to make a jalapeno popper dip as well, but decided not to at the last minute.   So I took the cream cheese that I was going to use in that recipe and decided to put it on the bottom of this because….well, cream cheese.  Duh.

It was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself! It made the dip stretch further, which is good in my family.  When we have a family dinner, we have almost 20 people with just the immediate family members, so we need a lot of dip lol!  Everyone gobbled this down, even those that didn’t think they liked curry.  It is sweet, spicy, and has a little bit of a tang from the cream cheese.  I would really recommend this recipe– and whatever you do, DO NOT skip the almonds!!  They are the perfect touch.

I wasn’t able to find mango chutney at walmart, so I grabbed a jar of apricot preserves and it worked really well.  I think a peach would also be pretty yummy.

So basically the original recipe would have you heat and serve it just like this, which is delicious by itself, but I prefer it with the cream cheese myself.  We are dip fiends and I’d have to make about 5 batches to get us through a party lol.

I took it to another party last week, and we ended up eating the entire thing before dinner even started, so I’d say it was a hit!  I think my dad ended up eating half of it lol.

For real, dude, make this.

Serve it with crackers, tortilla chips, or you know, a spoon.  I prefer chips (but I did get crackers and then forgot them in the pantry).  You could also go with carrots and celery as dippers, if you were going for a healthier route.  However you serve it, I’m sure you will love it!

Recipe HERE.



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