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Random Thoughts Post

on March 29, 2016

Thinking about what homework I will do for which class which night.  And that I really need to buckle down and finish this semester out strong.

Reading facebook posts.  People are interesting.

Loving the Blistex Soft and Lush lip balm.  My sister let me use it when I stayed the night with her and I had forgotten mine (and seriously, who can sleep without using lip balm first?!).  I was immediately hooked and had to get it for myself.  They have it at Walmart, over in the pharmacy section.  Don’t buy it online, it’s hella expensive.  It smells like cappucino to me, it’s like $2, and I like that you can twist it up like you would a glue stick.  Highly recommend!

Cooking nothing tonight!  We are going to Independence to take Nate’s little brother, Jaron out for a birthday dinner!  But I made fried chicken on Sunday, stir fried chicken last night, and plan to make a mexican casserole later this week, so that counts for something right??

Pinning clothing/fashion ideas, stained glass for my step mom, and ideas on home improvement.  There are usually a few recipes and crochet patterns thrown in there, too.  You can follow me HERE.

Deciding wedding details.  There’s still a lot to do!

Wanting some wedges like THIS, these Harper pants from Old Navy in Black and Blush, a fur vest like THIS one, and much much more!  Am I going to get them?  Nah, but I can pretend and keep pinning them like I’m going to!

Trying to not spend all of Nate’s money on the wedding!  Hi honey!

Needing to get things ready for the 5K fundraiser this weekend, and just get these dang To Do lists marked off and off of my desk.  Yeah…..this blog post should tell you how well I’m doing on that lol.

Watching The Walking Dead, of course.  I want to start Parenthood on Netflix, but once I start watching a series, it’s like I can’t stop.  I binge watch and then get NOTHING accomplished!!

Making a friggin’ sweet new cocoon blanket for a birthday gift.  Or like, I would, if I would just get started on it.  But I have the yarn!  And the pattern!  I’d say that’s a start.  Also, I’m glittering approximately 60 wine bottles for the wedding.  That’s a lot.  I stick my index finger into the top and hold them so that I can modge podge/glitter/seal them, and my finger has been numb for a week.  I’m now taking a break so as not to cause any wedding related injuries lol.

Listening to Lukas Graham 7 Years.  Love this song!  Also, Lost Boy by Ruth B.


That’s it!  My random thoughts for the day.  What have you been up to?


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