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Crochet Boot Cuffs

on January 4, 2016


When I was searching for new patterns and ideas for my fall shows, I kept coming across different boot cuff patterns on Pinterest.  I saved quite a few different patterns, but this is the one that I eventually settled on.

12049201_10153279574696314_1270659478588106667_n (1)

I whipped up a few for my first show, and sold 3 out of the 5!  I was pretty happy with that!  I’ve had multiple orders since then and have sold quite a few, so I am very pleased with this pattern.   The good news is that is works up really quickly, and you can do any kind of color combo that you want.  I have done team colors, solid colors, and then some with white tops (it makes me think of lace).


They are so cute sticking out of the top of a pair of tall boots!  I even made a pair of extra wide calf— I just did the base crochet of 44 to fit mine.  I plan to offer them next year in my booth, too.


Photo from the designer’s site– NOT my photo!

I used all acrylic yarn, mostly Red Heart.  I like the bulk, the cost, and the color selection of Red Heart for this, but feel free to make it out of whatever yarn you’d like!

12241323_10153307223941314_9104355482764191628_n (1)

The way that I displayed them was to just print out a little tag with boot cuff typed out and with a picture in Word.  I put the price and the pattern designer’s name on the back. Then a quick little hole punch and some extra yarn or twine tied through both pieces and you are good to go!

12279135_10153307223906314_6769263168205369560_n (1)


Let me know if you make some!


Pattern HERE.


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