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Cupcake Dishcloths

on June 18, 2015


I thought I would share the pattern for these adorable cupcake washcloths today!  I have seen THIS pattern on pinterest for a year or so and thought, ‘Man those would be cute!  I should definitely make a few of those!’  But alas, I never did.  A few months ago I was having the ‘let’s crochet something new’ itch and searched my Pinterest Pattern board for a new idea and came across the pin again.  After a quick search through my yarn stash, I whipped out the top cupcake within an hour.  Now, I didn’t follow the pattern all of the way through (I mean, really, is anyone surprised there?), I made up my own version of the bottom, and I did not add a little loop de loop at the top.

I found the bottom part of the cupcake to be more work than I wanted to do at the moment, so I improvised with a super simple DC for 5 rows, doing a DC decrease for the last two rows.  It worked up really quickly and still looks super cute!  You could even extend it a few more rows, but I liked the look of the shorter ‘cup’.


11419764_10153004938616314_273596662_nI have added them to my farmers market booth this summer and have sold a few on facebook.  I even did a cupcake potholder by making two of them (the back one without the ruffle or cherry) and SC’ing around, switching the color out to match.  Everyone loves them!11392940_10152996817891314_3222537967128832993_n  I have done the washcloths in cotton yarn and also in acrylic.  The potholders I stick with cotton yarn.

Overall, I was really pleased with the pattern and plan to keep these in my stock!

You can find the pattern HERE.


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