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Crochet Shamrock Dishcloth/Potholder

on March 10, 2015

To continue with my theme of holiday dishcloths, like my Crocheted Hearts HERE, next up is a shamrock dishcloth!!


After I posted my heart washcloths, I had someone ask me if I was planning to do some shamrocks for St. Patricks Day.  At the time I hadn’t really thought about it, but I found a fun pattern on Ravelry, which took me to a pattern HERE.  I tucked it away to bring out when the time was right.

That time was this past weekend, and I think I am practically a pro at these now.  I made one while I was just hanging out, watching tv, and posted it on facebook.  I had quite a few orders, so I spent the weekend crocheting.


Which really, sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!


The pattern works up really quickly– it’s easy to get the hang of it, since it repeats itself three times for every row.  I will say, I think I skipped a stitch every now and then and would be ‘off’.  When I did that, I would just count from the tip of the shamrock, where the ‘dip’ was, and count back from there to see where I needed to put the first SC.  Then other times it would be completely right.  Totally my error there.   But luckily an easy to fix one!  🙂  The other thing I noticed?  The leaves really curl in on each other, almost like there were too many stitches in the center.  So every round I would lay it out and stretch it, and it helped a lot!

I did not do any potholders this time, but you basically just make a second one and attach it.  Easy peasy!

The photos above were all using peaches and cream cotton yarn from Walmart, but I made a few using some acrylic yarn, too (shown below).  To get it the same size as the cotton yarn, just use an F hook instead of a G.


Overall, this was a really good pattern that I highly recommend!  Next up?  Easter themes!!  Any suggestions?  I’m thinking Easter eggs…..

Pattern HERE.


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