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Chunky Scarf Pattern using a Double Crochet

on February 27, 2015

Made using Red Heart With Love in Boysenberry

If you are having weather like we are right now, I’m sure you can appreciate a nice scarf.  This one is great because it was easy to work up, and I was able to use some chunky, inexpensive yarn.   But instead of buying 4 or 5 skeins of 6 weight yarn at $3 or $4 a skein, I was able to make it using two skeins of the Red Heart With Love worsted weight yarn at $3.50 a piece.  That was it.  This skein only cost me $7 to make, and a few hours.  Can it get any better than that?  I think not!


Made using Red Heart With Love in Lake Tahoe Blue

I found this scarf pattern when I was making Christmas presents.  The design is so simple that i have made quite a few since!  It is basically a base stitch, then going back in with DC, chain, skip a space, and repeat.  Seriously, easy peasy.  It is a great, chunky scarf, which is very ‘in’ right now.  They work up really quickly, I am able to finish one of these in an evening.  I love projects like that.  Talk about instant gratification!!!


Yes, that is me, and yes, I am awkward. I have since started asking my sister to model things for me….she’s much better at it.  🙂


You can customize the scarf to be however long you’d like it, mine came out to be about 80″ every time.  Basically I would crochet it until I could wrap it around my neck twice, comfortably.  This also used up almost the entire skeins.


They are extremely warm and make great gifts!  I plan to make more using different colors, but these have been my most popular so far.  I posted them on my facebook page and had a few orders come in — there was one for a grey/black mix that looked SO COOL.  That might be my favorite look so far!!


I will be back soon with another variation of this scarf.  We have a storm moving in, so I’m going to go settle in with my crochet and a little embroidery project (what?!).  Happy weekend!!

Pattern HERE.

I have a few posted in my Etsy shop as well, if you would like to order one, go HERE.


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