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Pinworthy Thursday 11-06-14

on November 6, 2014

Hello!  Did you guys have a good Halloween?  I did!  Our local Chamber of Commerce sent out an email last Thursday asking all of the businesses to dress up, so my boss and I decided that we would.  Nothing crazy, but just to be fun.  Well.  I showed up in my leopard ‘costume’, meaning my leopard print top, headband with ears, and face makeup….




I got up early, curled my hair, put on red lipstick and false lashes, etc etc.  I felt really weird, but it was all for fun!  I get to work, and my boss was wearing a Halloween tshirt! I misunderstood! Bhaha!  I felt like Reese Witherspoon when she shows up to that ‘costume party’ in her bunny outfit.  But not nearly that bad, because it was Halloween anyway.  Plus, everyone loved my makeup, especially the kids that came in that day.  Totes worthsies.

Later that night, I finished it up with some glitter, whiskers, and a nose!  And some of my favorite people who came to visit with me!

10734232_10152490563866314_6079990149800986400_n He was a cowboy!10421992_10152490884086314_2480930589024050930_n  Bob the Builder and Elsa came, too!



Here are my fun pins from the last week!


I don’t know why, but I seriously want to try this Dill Pickle Soup!  It looks like potato soup, with pickle juice.  It’s weird, and it’s happening.


I’m sorry, what?!  A baby ‘snuggie’?!  This is AWESOME!  And now I have the pattern…..


I need to know how to make these tent weights for Farmers Market.  I literally had to sit with my arm around my tent a few times last summer.


These risers would be really good to put my glittered wineglasses on.  No instructions, but it looks fairly simple.



Again with the Dill Pickle.  But I am a fan of pickle chips, so I don’t know why Dill Pickle Popcorn would be any different!


I just LOVE how these outdoor fireplaces look!  I want one SO BAD.



Cheesy Cajun Shrimp and Rice Casserole.  I see nothing wrong with any of that.



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