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Pinworthy Thursday 8/14/2014

on August 14, 2014

It’s Thursday!  I would like to say that I have had a productive week here at work, but that’s just not the case.  At home, however, I have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!  Meetings, babysitting, (lack of) cleaning, SHARK WEEK, cooking, more babysitting, doing sister’s nails, etc etc etc.  My friend is coming over tonight for me to do her nails and makeup, which should be super fun!  I will be babysitting my little nephew tonight, too.  He is such a little schweet thing!  As long as you feed him when he wants to be fed! ha!


So anyway, in my, ahem, spare time, I have managed to find a few fun things on pinterest!



So THIS is pretty much the smartest thing ever.  After helping with a few weddings that we didn’t know how we were decorating, this would have been extremely helpful!




I love this diagonal rainbow potholder!  I might have to make a few of these to give as Christmas gifts this year.




Another crochet item– the Cable Stitch Dishcloth.  I’m not sure if I like the pattern or the colors they used more.  Would be so cute in my farmers market booth!



We tried Abuelo’s restaurant for the second time last month, and good gravy, their papas con chile are SO GOOD!  I found this copy cat recipe online and hope to make them at home soon.  Especially since the nearest Abuelo’s is two hours from us.  Boooo!



How FUN is this Frozen cake?!  Turns out, Ainsley is a huge fan.  So this may have to be a future birthday cake.




This What’s in Your Phone baby shower game looks really fun.  Something different from the regular ol’ What’s in Your Purse game.



One of my daily blogs that I visit shared this pattern the other day.  It’s a Cap Sleeve Cardigan Crochet Pattern and it makes me want to ask someone on facebook if I can borrow their baby to make this.  They would get a free cardigan out of it, so it sounds like a sweet deal to me!  I’ve never made a clothing piece before, but she said it works up really easy.  We shall see if I can find someone to make it for!


That’s it for this week!  Do you have any fun pins you want to share?  Please do!


2 responses to “Pinworthy Thursday 8/14/2014

  1. Dedri says:

    Thank you for including the cable stitch dishcloth 🙂 And that cap-sleeve cardigan is so cute!

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