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Would you rather?

on July 25, 2014

I just saw this on facebook and thought it would be fun to do.   I’m in kind of a rut right now, there are A LOT of things that I have photographed and on the computer, but I just have no desire to write about them right now.  It’s been a long, stress filled two weeks, so let’s have something fun.  Ok?!  Here we go!

Coke or pepsi?  I am trying to not drink pop right now, but if I went by the last pop that I had it would be (diet) pepsi.  But half of the time I drink diet coke, it just depends on the taste that I want.  So…..both?

Books or movies?  Movies, but only because I love the popcorn :-).

Pool or beach?  Pool.  I love the beach, but there is no way I am swimming in the ocean.  I’ve watching Shark Week too many times!

Dancing or singing?  Singing!  I am alwwwaaays singing.  I don’t dance, in public anyway.  I’m just horrible at it lol.

Rain or sun?  Rain.  It’s my favorite.

Dogs or cats?  Dogs!  Kitty litter is the grossest thing EVER!  When my friend asks me to watch her cat, it almost gags me to clean the box.  Blech!

Inside or outside?  Inside.  Outside is hot and sticky right now.

Running or swimming?  Ha.  Me, run?  Never.  I love to swim though!

Full name-   Teresa Faye

Eye color-  dark brown

Birthday- 05/12/1989


Share your answers in the comments below!


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