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Pinworthy Thursday 6-26-14

on June 26, 2014

Ahhhh summertime!  If you are like me, you have been busy enjoying the great weather and (hopefully) spending lots of time in the pool!  We have our own big, above ground pool in the backyard, but pretty much every night this past week we have been able to go to a friend’s house and enjoy their awesome in ground pool.  It’s so nice!


Not to mention, it’s got a pretty nice view!

I will try to get the Caramel Apple Jam post finished up (I just have to type up the recipe) and posted.  But for now, here are some fun things I’ve found on Pinterest this week!


78f440efa938efc09ab74250a943a532I think this Spot the Giraffe pattern is absolutely adorable.  I’m thinking this might be a future project for sure!




I have been wanting to spruce up our back patio, and I really like the look of this tiled table!  Outdoor furniture is soooooo expensive, it would be nice to use a DIY like this.



I have actually made bean burgers before, and I LOVE chickpeas, so I’m sure this Baked Chickpea Burger would be a hit with me.  Not sure it would be Nate’s jam though, so it might need an alternate burger for him :-).



Let’s just say that my skank a$$ feet could totally use this.  I don’t know why my feet crack so bad, but I’ll try anything.



Love this hairstyle if I decide to go short again.



When I’m in a working out phase, I really like protein shakes.  This peanut butter banana coffee shake sounds really good.  I would leave the spinach out, but that’s just because I would rather eat the spinach by itself.



This Thai Chicken Noodle Soup looks so darn good.  I would love to make a batch of this one night and eat it for lunch for the week.




This What’s In Your Purse? is a shower game that I wouldn’t mind playing!


Have you found anything interesting on Pinterest lately?  Please share!


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