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Pinworthy Thursday 6-5-14

on June 5, 2014

So last night right before bed, we talked about painting the house this summer, and was that something we were hoping to do before Nate goes back to school.  After that, I tried to go to sleep, but couldn’t, because my brain decided that that would be the perfect time to go through, step by step, how we would carry out painting the house.  You know, power washing, scraping, priming, painting, painting trim, etc etc etc.  And should we stain/paint the front porch first?  I should have already done that, but oh well, I could do it before we painted.  But before we paint, we should probably go ahead and replace those railings.  Because it would be silly to paint the old rotten ones, then replace and have to repaint.  So I guess technically I would only be able to stain the ‘floor’ of the porch.  That’s when I realized that I had laid there for an hour thinking about that and it was 1230 so I should probably try to sleep.   Needless to say, I’m tirrrred today.  I think sleep painting my house last night did me in.  I’m going to go ahead and say that I don’t think that bodes well for the actual real painting of the house.  But I don’t want to think about that right now.


So here are some random, cool things I’ve found on Pinterest this past week.  Enjoy.

e7cb623c83d5027b79bbdb0b18491595What a neat idea!  Stickers with your save the dates for people to put on their calendars.


e4fc97cfcccd146e8afb07f3cb430bbbI’m always up for a new punch recipe, and this Pink Lemonade Sparkling Punch looks delish!  Seriously, the punch is my favorite part of any shower/party.

e0c9087287b4f0126db850033c062cb0You know I love a good washcloth pattern.  I like the colors, too.


Mount Hood.  I want to go there.  Basically anywhere in the Pacific Northwest appeals to me.  I think one of the next trips we go on will be out there.  Seattle or Alaska maybe?  I don’t know.  I could live out there and love it.


458a025176566cf4e2d3730e6ec3753dI’m hungry, and these Simple Crab Ragoons would just hit the spot right now.  Drat not being able to make them righthtisverysecond.



Garlic Cheese Fries.  Need I say more?  Two of my favorite things in life.

31c5817c25f49e76cc97382c2054965eJust in case I ever have Giant Tissue Flower needs.  You never know!


And finally–


e30f2c6861d360db5102276a6abd733fBecause I’m 25 and I like to color.  Duh.


Find any cool shiz on the internet this week?  Please share!




One response to “Pinworthy Thursday 6-5-14

  1. Hi Teresa, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for linking to our Simple Crab Rangoons recipe! Hope you you were able to make them after all! 🙂

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