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Pineapple Sweet Rolls

on May 28, 2014


So a few weeks ago I shared a pin on my Pinworthy Thursday for Pineapple Sweet Rolls.  Well I immediately went out and bought the stuff I would need to make them….and then got sick.  Then I used the pineapple to make strawberry pineapple jam.  So here I am two or three weeks later with no sweet rolls.  I decided last night that I was making them no matter what!  So I stopped at the store, grabbed a can of crushed pineapple, and whipped them up while I was cooking dinner (it was chicken helper so it wasn’t like it was really involved).


The recipe is extremely easy to follow and doesn’t take many ingredients, and the few that it does take, most people have them on hand.

The filling was just a few ingredients dumped into a pot, then cooked until nice and thick.  It literally took less than 5 minutes, and that included getting everything out of the pantry.   I found my hot roll mix at my local grocery store for a few dollars– it was Pillsbury brand, and it made a beautiful dough that I will most definitely be using again.


I do have a little tip– she says that it will be super messy to make.  Mine wasn’t too bad, actually, because after I had it all rolled out and ready to be cut, I used a big knife and did I quick cut to make the 8 rolls, then I used a rubber spatula and my hand and kind of ‘scooped’ them into the pan.  I didn’t have any filling left on my counter at ALL!

I also liked that the rolls raised so quickly.  I set my timer for 20 minutes, then put my pan of rolls next to my stove (dinner was ready by then).  I would say they almost doubled in size!  Here is what they looked like at the beginning–


And then after they raised, they filled the pan!


I was seriously impressed!  The icing was super easy, although I think next time I will just make a half batch of it.  I iced them pretty liberally and still had half of it left in the bowl.


Now, for the taste.  These rolls were FABULOUS.  The dough is super soft and the filling is sweet, but not too sweet.  I really liked that it had the little bit of cinnamon in the filling, too.  It smells SO GOOD (obviously) while they are baking!

I would say that this recipe is quick enough that you could make it and bake it in the morning and have it ready for breakfast.  It was done within an hour, start to finish!  This would be a really good recipe to make for Christmas morning, too.  Because really, who WOULDN’T want a sweet roll for breakfast?!  Not only that, but you will impress everyone with your mad sweet roll making skills.


I took one up to my mom and she loved it too.  So I think I impressed her…which means I can mark that off my list of things to do for today ;-).

I am actually pretty excited to use this as a base for other sweet rolls– I am planning to make a strawberry version tonight, and also a regular cinnamon roll version.  I will share those with you if they turn out!!

Ok, I think that’s all that I had to share with  you about them.  Have you ever made sweet rolls?  What is your favorite flavor?


Recipe HERE!




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