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Recent Cakes

on May 18, 2014

It seems like all I have been doing lately is canning and making cakes!  Farmer’s market is off to a great start, so there are a lot of flavors that I am either refilling or making for the first time this season.  I have bought more sugar in the past three weeks than I have in the past 8 months combined!  This is also one of the ‘seasons’ for cakes– graduation cakes, wedding cakes, etc etc.

I have done quite a few just regular sheet cakes with Happy Birthday or Congratulations on them, but I have done a few fun ones recently that I thought I’d share.


This was a really fun birthday cake for a cutie named Kamdyn.  It was really fun to replicate!  I used my airbrush machine, which I LOVE to do.  His parents were making a fun superman hand out of fondant that they were going to put on it, too, but I didn’t get a photo.


This was a fun graduation cake for one of the girls here in town.  She wanted a half white, half chocolate cake, with both her high school mascot and the mascot of the college she is going to.  I printed the mascots off and ‘laminated’ them with clear packing tape.  That way the grease from the frosting won’t get onto the paper.  I cut into the side of that wildcat and had to redo it…ooops!



This cake was for a little boy’s 5th birthday!  It is half chocolate/half white, and it was inspired by this cake.

1513773_10152100958096314_4402559489657340115_nWe wanted to do a sheet cake instead of a tiered one, since she would have to be traveling pretty far with it.  I think it turned out pretty close to the inspiration cake!


I am loving all of these fun cakes I have been asked to do!  I am still learning new techniques, trying to improve how I do things, but I’m getting orders quite often, so apparently I’m doing something right ;-).    Now I have FINALLY finished the cake dishes for the last time this weekend, so I am OUT!


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