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Chicken Lazone

on May 12, 2014


This was a quick and easy recipe that I made one weeknight.  I found the recipe on pinterest, which took me to the Plain Chicken blog, which was so good that I ended up reading through all of the old posts.  I found a TON of really yummy looking recipes. Seriously, check her blog out, it’s delicious.

This is called Chicken Lazone— chicken, spices, and a little bit of cream- you just can’t get much easier than that!  It was spicy, creamy, and a perfect accompaniment to some buttered noodles.  I think it would also be delicious over rice.  In fact, that’s what I will use next time.


The chicken cooks up really fast, I used some frozen chicken tenders that I had thawed.  I used quite a bit of chicken, too.  I wanted LEFTOVERS!


Just be forewarned, if you take a bite of it at this stage, it is like WHOA!  That is SPICCCCYYYY!  But when you add the cream, it really tones it down.


If you can’t find cream (our grocery store was out), feel free to substitute half and half.


It cooks down into a delicious, creamy sauce that you will LOVE.


Let me know if you make this and what you think!


Recipe HERE.


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