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Pinworthy Thursday 5-1-14

on May 1, 2014

I am getting ready for a fundraiser 5K that my work puts on- it’s this weekend!  So I’ll keep this short and to the point.  Here are the pins I found interesting or fun this week.



Unexpected Wedding Songs.  There are some really good ones in here.




I thought this was a cute little embroidery pattern.



These Easy Pizza Waffle Recipe look easy enough that my niece and nephew could help me.  This would be a fun, quick supper idea for when they come over!



Broken Glass Jello- I don’t know about you, but I LOVE jello!  It’s cheap, it’s pretty, and it’s delicious, so what’s NOT to love?!  I would make this and take it to one of our family dinners and I’m sure it’d be a hit.



How to Build Basement Shelves-  I would fricken love to have these shelves in my basement.  I have canning jars coming out of my ears and this would be the perfect solution.  Now to just find someone to build them for me…..



How to Build a Gravel Pathway-  We are wanting to make something like this to go from the patio to the pool in our backyard.



Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken-  This has three ingredients and can be made in the slow cooker.  Enough said.



This pattern is adorable.


See you next week!

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