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Project Idea: Crochet Daisy Afghan

on April 30, 2014

As I was checking my list of blogs yesterday, I came across these posts for a Crochet Daisy Afghan.  Repeat Crafter Me is one of my favorite blogs for crochet patterns.  She shares all kinds of free patterns that I almost always end up pinning!

Photo from Repeat Crafter Me blog

Photo from Repeat Crafter Me blog

I don’t know anyone who is pregnant right now with a little girl, but I thought that this afghan, which is on the smaller size, was something I could work on now and have on hand the next time one of my sisters gets pregnant :-).  It’s bound to happen sometime!  I would love to give this as a baby shower gift, to just have at my house as a little napping blanket for when the kids come over now, or I’m sure Ainsley would get some use out of it by covering up all of her dollies.  Those dolls are such lazy bums, she is ALWAYS having to lay them down for naps!

I know that I share ideas that I come across on my Pinworthy Thursday posts, but I want to start doing these Project Idea posts to showcase some of the cooler things I come across, and to talk about them a little more.

Like for this blanket, I could easily switch out the colors of the yarn and find another type of applique to use on it, so that it could be used for one of my nephews!  I am ALWAYS pinning applique ideas– I know I have dogs, cars, even monkeys pinned to my board.  How adorable would that be?!

It is a goal of mine to make the kids each a crocheted blanket.  This pattern seems like it worked up fairly quickly, and I’m a pretty fast crochet-er?, so I am printing this pattern out now so that I can grab all the yarns I need the next time I’m out of town.  I’ll let you know if I get it finished and post about how I thought the pattern worked up.

Sarah posted these tutorials in four different posts–  here are the links.

Daisy Flower Crochet Pattern

How to Make a Solid Granny Square Using a Grit Stitch

How to Join Your Squares and Apply Your Daisies

Border/Finishing Up


Isn’t this an adorable little afghan?  Is this something you would make?  Make sure you visit her blog and check out some of her other projects.  LOTS of fun patterns!

Let me know in the comments if you have any fun project ideas for me!


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