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Pinworthy Thursday 4-17-14

on April 17, 2014

Hey!  So my evenings lately have been spent working on getting stuff ready for a craft show I’m doing next weekend.  Lightboxes, coasters, tea towels, glittered wineglasses, slumped bottles…..they are ALL in production right now!  To be honest, I am fricken loving it!  I took a few months off of hard core crafting after the holidays.  I was burnt out!  But now it’s time to start getting ready for shows again and I have my love for it again.  Maybe I’ll do a post about everything that I make, so you can see what I’m talking about. Anywhooo….here are these week’s interesting pins.


I read this blog every single day and love it.  This is one of the reasons why– she made a cake version of a raspberry zinger!  I LOVE zingers!


This is another blog I read every day, and this recipe for Egg Bread looks easy enough.  I love the look of braided dough.  This is going on the ‘to make’ list.



Peanut Butter Granola— it has 5 ingredients (all of which I have at home right now).  I seriously printed this out and am going to make it tonight.  I am going to have a big bowl of it with milk, and I cannot WAIT!!!


I thought this burlap wall organizer was really cute.  This might be something I could add to my booth, or even just make one to have at home (on my fridge perhaps?).


I thought this tablescape was super cute, and it looks really easy to replicate.  How fun would this be for a beachy wedding or party?



I think these are a good substitute for those hella expensive acrylic containers.  I have one tiny one on my vanity now, but I’d like to get one or two of this size.  At least until I can come up with the $150 to get one of the others :-).


I started reading a new blog, and she suggested using this self tanner.  Normally I wouldn’t mess with it, but seriously, my legs stay white no matter how long I’m in the pool.  And girrrrl, I like to wear capris!  I think for $7 it’s worth a try.




I want to make myself a yarn bowl.  I hate when mine gets all tangled up or I drop it and have to chase it.  Or more like chase my dogs who are chasing it.  I ALMOST bought the stuff for it at Hob Lob the other night but talked myself out of it.  If it works and it’s easy, I might just start selling them.  We shall see!


That’s all for this week, folks!  See ya later!


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