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Pinworthy Thursday 4-3-14

on April 3, 2014

Man, a lot has happened since I last posted!  I still need to share the kitchen cabinet redo that we did two weekends ago, then I will share how we added a new backsplash in there, and maybe by then I will be done with the painting part of the kitchen.  Somehow a little spring break project turned into a whole redo in there.

Is anyone else dealing with some hardcore allergies?  I AM.  OMG.  It’s so bad that I wake up at night and I swear it feels like my throat is about to close up.  Needless to say, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately :-(.  Have no fear though, I am now taking some of the ‘good’ allergy medicine, and I already feel better.  I see myself finishing those posts soon!  But first, a little Pinworthy Thursday for your viewing pleasure…..

36a30e9178f46b95ac761e800ee48cf7First up are these Pineapple Sweet Rolls.  Mostly because I am starving and would kiss someone if they brought me one of these right now :-).  Oh, and this recipe uses a hot roll mix for the dough.  Genius!

be0270663968a48b124fa866c6d65016I pretty much love everything about this entire outfit.  I wish it was in my closet right now so I could rock it.

c09de1ec6eaedc16a8dfcb207d125564This has different ideas for smores– which are happening more often at my house since we got the fire pit!  Whoo!  This version with the lemon curd looks fab and OMG that chocolate version at the bottom?!  I die.

637630fd3a592145cee356b0007f2664Pepperoni Pretzel Bread Stromboli.  Pretzel bread is a favorite of mine, so I don’t see how this could be a bad idea.

cfea7a531aab0e67e26bc84e41bce269Ambrosia Cake.  Ambrosia is a favorite at potlucks, I always get it.  I would like to make this to take out to my grandpa’s for a family party.  I HAVE to remember this one.

2d6a218375bb58209d9a6f7648e73cdbThis Mason Jar backsplash is so cool!  My sister has a beachy themed kitchen, and is doing something really cool and ocean themed in her bathroom, so I will definitely be sharing this with her.

83a73fcbf0b489c1cc2e5bf2ed0ce61bI have a thing for aprons, meaning I have a whole rack of them in my kitchen.  But hey, if I can find one like this Four Corners Apron that is this easy to make, I’m sure I could make room for a few more!


I have always wanted to visit the west coast.  How cool would this roadtrip be to visit all of the national parks?


Have you found anything good on Pinterest lately?  Please share!


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