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Pinworthy Thursday 3-20-14

on March 20, 2014

310a6cfd0559cf93e7f8cfce90fa0f98Cute hairstyle, and I’ve always loved Mariska Hargitay.

694328e793d93b7a4eb24f637f764c3eI’m hoping to put this into practice.  I’ve been working on paying down my debt, but I need to built up savings.

df81beb2f227a946c4ab412f2b5812b7I could go for one of these Texas Sheet Cake Cookies.  Or 50.  You know, whichever.

94148757f08c3f09a96b37c56bfbc68bI thought this looked like a fun art project. 

d2a509d788e54cabff91b24805808746I think this little gift idea is just adorable.  She used a shaped bread pan and made bread with a honey butter spray.  I would love to try this!

257324468e2fa7de65277ff7d0c3138cCute dishcloth pattern!

825069bfe5c5522e8557678af6826c65What a cute idea!  These fossil cookies would be good for preschool snacks or for a birthday party.  Or for a fun day at Auntie Teresa’s 🙂

301c4c3666c019c44868adad9c9758d4I fricken love sushi.  I want it ALL. THE. TIME.  But no one else likes it.  It would be nice to whip it up anytime I wanted like this Skinny California Roll Wrap.

I’m over this week.  I’d like it to be the weekend please.  We are heading out of town to the big city to stay in a hotel and go watch Divergent.  Cheers to the fricken weekend, ya’ll.


One response to “Pinworthy Thursday 3-20-14

  1. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the link back! Get the debt out of the way and you’ll be able to save whatever you were already putting towards debt! It’s crazy (and scary), but it works!

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