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Trip to KC

on March 19, 2014

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit– it’s been a bit CRAZY around my house.  Last Friday after work, we left to head to Kansas City, MO to visit my sisters.  The youngest and the oldest both live there- we were staying with the youngest.  I was super excited to go, not only to see some of my favorite people in the whole wide world, but also to see their new houses/apartment!

Brandee (the youngest) recently moved about 20 minutes from her old apartment to a bigger, nicer one.  Her bf got a new job after graduating college, and it was a lot closer for his commute.  They had upgraded from a one bedroom to a two bedroom.  I just KNOW that it’s because they wanted me to have a place to sleep when I come visit them ;-).

It’s actually in a great location, too.  Her old apartment was ’15 or 20 minutes’ away from everything.  Seriously.  I think everything in KC is 15 to 20 minutes away.  But this new place is literally across the road from three different shopping centers– Walmart, Target, Lowes, Ross, Ulta, etc etc etc.  Not to mention about 1/2 mile from a Starbucks and a dozen other eating places.  Loved it.

We spent the weekend eating, shopping, eating, and shopping.  Oh, and we also did some eating and some shopping.  I’m pretty sure I would have gained 5 lbs this weekend if I hadn’t been walking so damn much!

Unfortunately, she had to work Saturday, from noon to 10 p.m.

So the three of us spent the day shopping. But had to get some lunch first.  Have you ever been to Five Guys?  I hadn’t.  It’s a burger place and it was really good!  The menu is just burger and fries, that you can customize.  I got a cheeseburger ‘all the way’ so it had this whole list of goodies on it.  That’s how I like my burgers!  It was HUGE.  Like, I had to eat two bites to even get all the way through it.  (dang!  I was going to upload a photo of it but I must have deleted it.)  Just…..it was big, ok?  Next time I think I would get one of the ‘Littles Cheeseburgers’ that only have one patty instead of two.  Nick told us to just order a small fry, because they gave you so much, so we got one order of the regular and one of the cajun.  He was right!  They fill up a pop cup and then go ahead and shove another scoop or so into your bag for you.  Fries, fries, errrwhere!  And I can’t forget to mention that the pop machine was one of those that you pick the kind of pop you want on a screen, then you can add in extra flavors like vanilla, lime, raspberry, etc.  Those are so fun!

Back to shopping though, we hit Best Buy and Ulta first, then headed out to Legends, this great outdoor mall.  It was the perfect weather for it, too.  70 degrees and sunny!  I think my favorite part of Legends would definitely have to be going to Auntie Anne’s for a pretzel.  Garlic pretzel + their lemonade= absolute perfection.  We also made our way over to a giant store that is right next to it to see B while she was working.  I think we walked around for approximately an hour and a half over there.  My legs were KILLING me!

After Legends, you’d better believe we headed home for a NAP.  Then my oldest sister met up with us for dinner at On the Border.  We sat out on the patio, which was pretty cool.  I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in chips and salsa (which, btw, is ALOT! lol).  I ordered the fish tacos, which were SO good.  They had a smoky chipotle sauce on them that was just bomb.com.  It was actually supposed to storm that night, so as we were sitting out there, we could see it lightning as it got darker.  It was a great time, but I had to roll myself back to the apartment because I was so dang full.

Dinner at On the Border.  L to R- B's bf Nick, LeAnna, and Nate

Dinner at On the Border. L to R- B’s bf Nick, LeAnna, and Nate

Sunday was filled with more shopping and we went to go see my oldest sister, LeAnna’s new house.  She just moved back to the area last fall and I hadn’t been up there yet.  We went to lunch at Chipotle, because I had been wanting to try it so bad.  And I just have to say… I don’t get what the hype is?  I like pretty much EVERYTHING food-wise, but I was not impressed at all.  I guess I expected a big counter of toppings that you can put together like Subway.  Not a this or this? This or this?  type of deal.  I won’t be going back….I’d rather go to Taco Bell.  We did just a little more shopping after that, then headed back to B’s apartment to pack up and head home.

I had such a fun weekend and I can’t wait to go back again!


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