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No Chill Sugar Cookies

on March 10, 2014

IMG_1002It might be a little late, but I thought I would share about these yummy sugar cookies that I made for Valentine’s Day.  I have a lady that orders cupcakes from me pretty regularly– for holidays, birthdays, or just because.  Well, she had asked me to make her two dozen white cupcakes, two dozen chocolate cupcakes, and then she asked me to do two dozen sugar cookies.  I told her yes without really thinking it through.  After I hung up, I had a moment of ‘crap!  I don’t normally do sugar cookies!  What recipe should I use!?’


Fortunately, I was checking Bakerella’s blog a week or so later, and she had posted about some sugar cookies that she had made.  If it’s good enough for Bakerella, it’s good enough for me!


I really liked that this recipe doesn’t have to be chilled.  You just mix it and roll it immediately.  At first, the dough is really crumbly, but you just knead it until it comes together.  It rolls out like a dream, holds it shape while you transfer your cut cookies, and doesn’t spread a lot while it’s baking.  I think I had this whole batch baked, cooled, and iced within an hour and a half.  Which was great because I was doing it on a weeknight.


One thing I will mention– I tried this both ways, with actual real butter and with margarine, and I couldn’t tell a difference.  If anything, I might have preferred the margarine version.

Also, I cannot STAND to have super brown cookies (on the bottom).  Especially sugar cookies.  Normally I barely let them get brown at all before I pull them out, but for these cookies, I let them get a little bit of color.  It made the cookie crisper, but it didn’t taste burnt at all.   You can also transfer the cookies straight to the cooling rack, without letting them cool first.

For the frosting, I just used my regular buttercream frosting (that I need to get a post up on!).   You could either used canned icing, or you can use the Wilton buttercream recipe– it’s a good one.  Be sure to let the frosting set up before you eat them, I swear they taste better.  And if you are going to stack them.  Nobody likes a sugar cookie with screwed up icing :-).

I think I am going to make a batch at Easter for my niece and nephews.  They will love them!  I might even let them help me decorate some of them.


It’s just a nice, basic, super tasty sugar cookie recipe that would be a great addition to any recipe box!

Recipe HERE.


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