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Farmer’s Market Thoughts

on March 7, 2014

I have been thinking about what I needed to do to start preparing for my farmer’s market booth this summer.  It seems to be getting bigger and better each year that they have it.  This will be the third year that I have gone.


I would usually go set up right before 8, which is when they would open.  I would just pop up my table and put all of my jellies in a row at the front.  And that worked for me!  I sold ALOT of jelly my first year.  Then last year I ventured out a little bit, added a second table that I had set up with some hand stamped tea towels and my crocheted washcloths.  Nothing fancy, just laid out on the table.  Again, pretty successful.  Then towards the end of the season, I would take some of my slumped bottles up there and set them up on one half of one of my tables.  I sold quite a few of those too! By 1030 or 11 a.m., I was ready to go home.  It was getting to hot for me AND my jellies and I was getting kind of bored, etc etc.  Then the next week, all of the other vendors would tell me how much they sold between 11 and 1 o’clock.  I would think DANG!  Oh well!

Now, if I was able to sell all of that stuff without really trying (obvs there was still work involved, etc, but no real sales plan) and not being up there that long, can you imagine how well I could possibly do with a little more effort?!  If I’m going to give up my Saturday mornings all summer long, I want to make sure that I am getting the biggest return possible.  So this year will be different!  I’m makin’ some changes!

I decided that I am going to set up a tent to sit under each week.  Yes, they are a pain to set up, but I think that it will make me look more professional, and it will allow me to double the amount of time I spend up there on Saturday mornings.  Hopefully it will also allow me to not get a sunburn on the back of my neck, too :-).  I think I am going to get THIS one.


I am also going to do more for my presentation.  I try to set up my craft booth in an attractive way, so why shouldn’t I work on this display more?  I will bring my tablecloths that I use for my craft shows, and I might try to figure out a tiered display idea for my jars of jellies.  Maybe something like this-


I also plan to set up a few chalkboard signs, like this

913384They have them at Hobby Lobby for just a few bucks, and the ones I saw at the store even had a little peghole in the back so that you could stick the little peg in it and it would stand up.  I could write down the prices and/or if I am doing a special that day.

Another thing that I make sure to do is to post when I would make something new for my booth on facebook.  Whether it was a new jam flavor, a marathon canning session, or a new washcloth, I would just put something about ‘Finishing up this batch of strawberry pineapple jam!  It’s got to be ready for Farmer’s Market this weekend!’  I would get people asking me questions about it, telling me they wanted one, so I would tell them when and where I would be.  It gained me quite a few customers.  Which also gained the other vendors more customers.  I also make sure that I posted on Saturday mornings, after I was all set up.  It reminded people that we were down there.  I’m thinking it would be cool to share photos of some of the other vendors and their products.  We’ll see.

So those are just some ideas I’ve been thinking about.  Do you have any good ideas?


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