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Pinworthy Thursday 3-6-14

on March 6, 2014





So, fun fact.  Did you know that you end up paying more taxes when you are single than when you are married?  Yeah, I went to get my taxes done last week.  I made pretty much the same amount of money as last year, but I am getting back half the amount.  Sigh.  Sucky McSuck Sucks.  I had big plans for the amount I (thought) I was getting back…I was going to pay off a credit card so that I could close it.  That’s still the plan for what I did get back, but it’s not quite enough to pay it off fully.  But hey, I guess I will still be a lot better off than I was!  🙂  It could be worse….I could have to pay in.  Forget that!

Either way, today is Thursday, so here are this week’s pins that I found interesting/fun.IMG_1241


This tutorial on how to make a leather infinity bracelet looks easy to follow.  I plan to show this to my stepmom, maybe she wants to make some for her jewelry booth.


This is called Wacky Cake– no eggs, no butter, and no milk!


This is a really cool way to hang your jewelry!  They are towel racks, with shower hooks on them.


This is a recipe for a ‘drippy cake’ aka a coconut poke cake.  I LOVE coconut, and I can’t wait to try this!

cb67cfadfd7ece5b8000d5443bbd0bdfI was browsing for tutorials on different ways to use my Lorac Pro Palette, this is a list of 6.

97978b05af84f28b23e39e46a3eec211Bakerella did a post this week using this cake plate and I LOVED IT!  But dude, it’s $148, and ain’t nobody got the money for that!


These glittered tart servers and knives are totally cute.  I see them on a lot of ‘sweets’ blogs.  I’ve even seen a pink version!

b46ee44b71bbc9bc878f58da75c73eadThis crocheted Dish Mop looks like a fun pattern to try.


I’m working on finishing up a few posts, so you should be hearing from me again soon 🙂

Cheers to the fricken weekend!


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