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Books, books, books!

on February 26, 2014

Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy?  What about the Divergent trilogy?  The past few years, I have not read many books.  Like, at all.  Which is really weird considering I am an extremely fast reader, I love it, and I have multiple bookcases full of books.  It’s not that I have specifically NOT read books, but I guess I just got busy doing other stuff (shrug).


Well, I borrowed a book from someone like, oh I don’t know, NINE months ago, and had yet to read it. It was called Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series.  I hadn’t read the first two, but I had seen the movies.  I LOVED the movies.  I finally decided last week that I should read them so that I could give the book back (sorry Jaron!).  Nate downloaded the first two books onto his Ipad for me late Wednesday night.  I read for about 30 minutes and then went to bed.  I finished the first book on Thursday, the second book on Friday, and the third book Sunday morning (we went to bingo on Saturday night). It. was. excellent.  I highly recommend reading them!  I can’t wait until the other movies come out.

I know alot of people have strong feelings about the movies, but for me personally, I liked that I had already seen the first two, because it really helps me picture what is happening in the books.  It puts a face to the name, ya know?

So anyway, after I finished reading them (and any other really good book/series), I felt a little lost.  Do you ever feel that way?  I fell in love with Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick, Prim….all of them.   I am completely absorbed in what’s happening while I’m reading, that book is in my hand 90% of the time until I’m done.  Then there is nothing.  Sigh.  It’s so sad.

Thankfully Jaron recommended another series for me to read!

divergent-trilogyThe Divergent series!  I had seen the commercials for the first movie, so again, I was able to put a face to a name (at least for the two main characters), which I love.  I was actually able to download this as one really long book, with all three books included, on the Ipad.  I am already on the third book, and I have to say that it is also an excellent series.  The first movie comes out in just a couple of weeks and you better believe I will be right there to see it!

I’m not really giving you a review from these other than to GO READ THEM if you like suspense, a little bit of a love story, and really great plot twists. Mostly because I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

I was on Pinterest yesterday, browsing Jennifer Lawrence quotes (all you have to do is put her name in the search bar).  She is fricken hilarious, and reading them puts me in a better mood.  Well, alot of people are comparing the two trilogies, so there were a few pins about the Divergent series on there too.  I thought, Hey!  I’m reading that!  So I clicked on a photo of the main characters, but when it brought the Pin up, one of the comments caught my eye.  Well, let’s just say it gave away the ending of the book….in one dang sentence!!!!!  I was LIVID.  It was one of those things that I had read it before I realized it, and it wasn’t something I could take back.  So basically it kind of ruined the ending for me, not to mention pissed me off.  I feel completely robbed of reading the ending lol.  Do you feel that way when someone gives away the ending for you?  I mean, COME ONE random pinterest person!?  The series is just starting to really gain a lot of interest with the movie coming out and you go and put something like THAT on there?  I’m not gonna lie, I imagine if she was in front of me I probably would have thrown the damn Ipad at her head.  It took all I had not to comment something on there like YOU COULD HAVE PUT SPOILER ALERT OR SOMETHING OMGTHANKSFORRUININGEVERYTHING.  lol.

Maybe that seems a little extreme, but when I get into a book, I get INTO it.  It’s all I can think about, I don’t get any housework done, no cooking, no laundry, I stay up super duper late, and that happens until I can finish it. I felt like someone stole my puppy.  I am still reading it, and it’s still good.  I guess I just won’t be shocked by the ending….and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is.  No spoil alert here!  You have to read them to figure it out.

But seriously…you should search Jennifer Lawrence on Pinterest….it just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.  I have a total girl crush on her.


Do you have any really good books you have read recently that I should try it?  I am really loving the ‘download it to the iPad’.  Both of the series were free to download on iBooks.  Plus, who needs to keep a clean house when you can find out what’s happening in Panem or the factions?  Noooooootttt meeeeeee!


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