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Shredded Roast Beef Tacos/Rice Bowl

on February 5, 2014


Lately I have been on a pretty good ‘dinner roll’, and by that I mean that I actually COOK dinner most nights.  The past few weeks, we have only eaten out a few times, and I have tried a few different recipes that I will hopefully be sharing soon. Things like Mexican Chicken Casserole and a Beef/Cornbread Casserole type thing.  Yeah, it doesn’t have a name yet lol, but it was still good.

This past Sunday morning, I woke up and realized that I didn’t really have anything planned to eat that day.  This was a problem for me, because Super Bowl has always meant FOOD in my house.  I usually just watch for the commercials, but I ALWAYS make a spread of snacks.  I knew that I had a roast I was trying to use up in the freezer, so I grabbed that out and ran some warm water over it while I looked around to see what exactly I was going to do with it.  The bf had told me that he didn’t really care for regular roast, so I needed to figure out a different way to prepare it.  I knew he liked mexican food with shredded beef, so that’s what I went with.

I put the mostly frozen roast in the crockpot, added a whole packet of taco seasoning to the top of it, chopped an onion and threw that on top of it, and since I needed a liquid, I added a quart jar of my homemade rotel to the top of it.  Hmmmm….while searching for the post to link here, I apparently have NOT posted that yet.  I’ll rectify that soon.  It’s GOOD.  Crushed tomatoes would work just as well I’m sure.  Then I just set it on low and cooked it for a good 8 hours.  It was SO TENDER.  I took the meat out and shredded it while I cooked the sauce down a bit on the stove.  Then added the meat BACK to the liquid.

It was a little sweet, very savory, and I thought it was absolutely delicious!  I will be adding tomato of some sort to my beef roasts from now on, I think.  I just absolutely LOVED the flavor.  The homemade rotel that I added is sweeter than normal rotel, so it made the meat sweeter than normal.  I love that about it.   I grew up having a sweet chili (that the rotel would be PERFECT in), and I prefer it to regular chili by ALOT.  The bf does not.  He doesn’t like that in his chili, or any other kind of savory meal, so he added more taco seasoning to his.  If you use regular crushed tomatoes, then I’m sure it wouldn’t be sweet at all. (alternatively, if you WANTED it sweeter, just add a tablespoon or two of brown sugar)


The bf had his on taco shells, but I don’t really care for them and I wasn’t feeling a soft taco either.  So I just made some white rice that I added a bit of cilantro and lime juice to and put some of the meat over that.   Rice bowls seem to be everywhere lately.  And make sure you add some of the juice 🙂  because MAN that’s good!  I added some red pepper flakes over mine, too, because I like a little heat.  Overall, I call this one a winner.  It was extremely quick, easy, and pretty cheap!  It makes quite a bit, which means leftovers for daaaays!  Whoo hoo!  I’m having some for lunch, which thrills me a bit.

Oh, and we only ended up watching the halftime show.  There was a Walking Dead marathon that just sounded MUCH better :-).

Here is the recipe.


Shredded Roast Beef Tacos/Rice Bowl

1 beef roast– cut and size don’t really  matter

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 onion, chopped into big chunks

1 quart homemade rotel or tomatoes OR 1 large can of crushed tomatoes and 1 can of tomato paste

Put roast in crockpot, sprinkle taco seasoning directly onto roast.  Add 1 chunked onion.  Pour on your tomatoes.  Cook on low setting for 8 hours, or until thermometer reads that it is done.  Take your meat out and shred it.  (Optional)- While you are shredding your meat, pour your liquid into a sauce pan and reduce it over high heat, stirring frequently.  Add your meat and liquid back to your crockpot.

Serve over rice or in tacos.


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