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Pinworthy Thursday

on January 30, 2014

How’s everyone’s Thursday going?  Mine is pretty darn good.  It’s been a steady day at the office, I’m listening to good music on Pandora (Mumford & Sons Radio station!), and I remembered to bring a snack back to the office with me.  Orange cookies anyone?  You can get a box of them at Dollar General for $1, and they are SO GOOD.  I could literally eat the entire box they are so good.  Of course then I would be sick as heck, but hey, you’ve got to live a little right?!  Luckily I thought ahead and just put some in a ziploc and left the rest of the box at home.  Phew.  Crisis averted.

So as usual, this my Pinworthy Thursday, or a collection of my favorite pins from the week.  I am putting the link below the photos instead of the photo themselves.  This way when you click on it, it will pull up a separate window instead of making you leave my site to view it.

de501e0c70fe1172e09c119157ad11f2I think this eye makeup look is just beautiful.  It doesn’t have any directions or anything, but doesn’t look too hard.  I am really loving purple right now.


I want to try this Chocolate Body Scrub using coconut oil.  I am a hot, scaly mess all winter long so any body scrub sounds good to me.  Especially when it calls for basic ingredients that I already have in my pantry.


f1896063bdd3daa956026e97dffa12e4This is a tutorial for a DIY Makeup Palette.  I love having my makeup in ‘palette’ form.  This is something I hope to make soon!

0ba3b50ac472e113d9d0c3d80b523964I am a big fan of ground chicken, so these Baked Chicken Parmesan Meatballs in Tomato Cream Sauce really appeal to me.  Annie’s Eats is such a great site, I always find excellent ideas from there.

b2304618a5b829899addc12d21984a31This Brownie Batter Overnight Protein Oatmeal looks really good.  I like overnight oatmeal with fruit in it, I don’t know why I wouldn’t like a chocolate version!!


3acdc7740b27421b4c93df61d7a7bf25I am a cornbread lover, for sure.  These Buttery Cornbread Yeast Rolls look like a fun twist on regular cornbread.  One that I am sure I could appreciate.


d2ca4500e6de1653f4134ca06c67526aI am always up for a super cute embroidery pattern.  I STILL haven’t tried to embroider, but I did buy a package of markers that are supposed to be permanent.  I am wanting to try out some new designs– these cooking characters have always appealed to me.

7211155e1d77c7ebaffa6b01b8c06822I think I have shared this one before, but I repinned it this week because I actually bought a gold glitter polish and that reddish brown glitter polish at Ulta last week.  Meaning that this is happening!!  Maybe I could do a nail tutorial?


Have you pinned anything good lately?  Please share!





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