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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

on January 29, 2014

If you have been on Pinterest at all, I’m sure you have probably seen people pinning things about how great coconut oil is.  I know that I have.  I have even pinned a few myself.  I finally decided it was time to try one out and find out if it was as great as they all said it was!

The main reason I decided to try it now is that my hair is soooooo fried.  I had super long, thick hair until I cut my hair short back in September.  Like, short enough that I have to actually style my hair every single day.  There was no pony tail-ing it up if I didn’t feel like it!  Wash and blowdry every.single.day.  Yesterday was the very first day I was actually able to wear it in a ponytail to work.  It was nice lol.  But since I was putting it through so much and I didn’t start using a heat protectant until a few weeks ago (I know, shame on me!), it was dry, brittle, frizzy….just not good.  I use a leave in conditioner 1-2 times a week in the shower, but it just wasn’t doing enough for me.

So on the way home from the fair convention a few weeks ago, we stopped at Walmart and I grabbed a tub of coconut oil.  It looks like this-


It was the only one my Walmart had, and I think it was only $6?  You are probably going to be paying a lot more than that for a really good hair treatment.   After I read through a lot of the pins, turns out that most of them say you should get ‘unrefined’ coconut oil to get the maximum benefit from it.  This one is refined, but like I said, it was the only one there was.  I figure hey, it’s better than nothing!

Most of the pins said the same thing….wet hair, put the oil in it, then pin it up and let it sit.  The times varied on that anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.

Ok, so here we go.  I wet my hair down and opened this giant jug.  I assumed it would be a soft consistency?  Guess what, it’s not.  It’s hard as heck.  Some of the tutorials said to just use your hands to warm it up and spread it on and some said to melt it first.  You in a bowl/sink of hot water.  DON’T put it in the microwave or it will lose some of its ‘benefits’.  And hey, who am I to argue with the wisdom from the internets.  I didn’t want to wait for it to melt in hot water, so I just dug in.  Or tried to.  Like I said, it was HARD.  So I managed to scrape a bit out and pat it a bit in my hand.  It did melt, yes, but the amount that I put in my hand was hardly enough to do anything lol.  So I went and fetched a spoon and tried it that way.   Better, since I was getting more at a time, but it was still kind of a pain.  Next time I will definitely melt it beforehand.  I think I took up more time trying to get it out of the pan than it would have to melt the whole jar.  Oh well!

So I just covered my hair with it. Then I took a little clip and put it up and went to watch tv.  I had hoped to have it in my hair for a few hours, but I didn’t get to it until like 815, and who am I kidding, I like to be in bed by 10.  So at about 930 I decided I had had enough.  I did take my blow dryer and aim it on my hair for about 5 minutes on low.  There were pins that said to prop your blow dryer up and put it on your hair for 30 minutes.  But ummm…..I would rather not run my dryer that long?  $$$$$   That and the fact that I have to shake my blow dryer to get it to blow air sometimes lol.  Yeah, it’s old.  So I think it would have just rolled over and died if I tried to make it work for that long lol!

I read different ways to get it to come out, but someone said that if you just put the water straight on your hair, it will turn into an oil slick and you won’t get it all out.  They said to work some shampoo right into your hair, with just a tiny bit of water to get a good bit of it out.  I tried it that way and it worked!  Just rub rub rub, wash out, get more shampoo, and go again.  I washed it out 4 times and didn’t have any residue left.  Since I was using a shampoo/conditioner combo, I didn’t condition after, but if you didn’t use a combo I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.

I just let my hair air dry, but I could immediately tell a difference when I combed it out after my shower.  It was smoother, no tangles, and just felt really good!  After it dried?  SO SOFT!  It felt healthier, stronger, and just all around great!  I was SO impressed!  My bf kept commenting that my hair was so soft and pretty, too.  I will try to start doing this every weekend.  It’s been 4 days and my hair still feels better than it did before.

Overall, I was very happy with the process.   It is extremely inexpensive (I think that jug is going to last forever!), easy to do, doesn’t require any special equipment, and actually WORKED.  However, there are a few things I will do differently next time.  First- I will melt the coconut oil in hot water first so it’s easier to go on.  Second- I will probably wear a shower cap so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the grease on my chair.  Third- I am going to try this overnight!  I will lay a towel down over my pillow when I do that, too.

**Just an FYI.   I just used the extra all over my hands to use as lotion.  My arms are extremely scaly and dry and just all around grody.  After I put it on, I noticed immediately that it was better.  Since then, I have been getting just a little bit of the coconut oil and spreading it on in the evenings.  I can tell a big difference…my ‘scales’ are almost gone already.

Have you tried this?  What are your thoughts?


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