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Pinworthy Thursday

on January 23, 2014

Lately I have been on a pattern kick, especially with my pinning.  I can browse pinterest, ravelry, blogs, basically anywhere for a good pattern.  I have been printing some out and have a stack, ready to be made as soon as I get the time aka stop looking for other patterns!

5f0f94f8bdacd860d69f8263716e1248This Mandala potholder is gorgeous.  I want to learn how to crochet like this…I’ve never done anything ‘granny-ish’.



I’m loving scarves lately, and this Infinity Rugby Scarf pattern is something I want to try.  I’m not sure I’d actually be able to wear though— I get HOT with stuff on my neck.  The crocheted sweater I’m wearing today is about to smother me.


This Beach Stripe Surf Blanket looks like a fun project for these cold winter months.  I want a big project so that I can feel accomplished when I finish it.  This is a simple pattern that I’m sure I could do.



I admit, I never really understood why people would make a Mug Cozy (pattern).  I mean, they were pretty and all, but ummm…weird?  Then I got some new Fiesta ware mugs for Christmas and every time I use them, they get almost too hot to hold.  Nooooow I get it.  It’s so you don’t burn the sh*t out of yourself while drinking your coffee.

eb47b14a2d677cd3155a6d6fad44b38dI really like the look of these Floret Stitch Hot Pads.   They don’t look too complicated either, so I’m thinking I could crochet a few for my farmer’s market booth.




I LOVE this idea!!!  Making a yarn valentine is beyond brilliant.  Don’t worry, I’ve already sent the bf a link to this post.

1fb36cb1d3048256006d658b26f1f589For a little something that doesn’t involve yarn, this Oatmeal Bread fascinates me.  I want to know what the texture of the bread is like.  I’m going to try to make this soon.

f61ae4d9db9eb5ec1094042b887699eeMaple Bars (or long johns, as we call them here) are my FAVORITE donut.  The little donut shop that was here in town had the BEST long john’s.  I really miss them being open.  It was my Friday treat to stop in the mornings and get a donut or two.


It is crazy cold right now, so this Lasagna Soup Recipe sounds really good right now.


This is my last day of work this week, we are heading to Wichita tomorrow so Nate can take a test for work.  Then we will shop, eat, and watch a movie at the big theater.  Can’t wait!!  Happy Weekend!




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