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Lots of Loops Dishcloth Pattern

on January 20, 2014



If you are like me, and you love to crochet/knit/sew/whatever it is that you love to do, then you have a stack of projects just waiting for you to DO THEM ALREADY!!  My Pattern board on Pinterest is up to 666 pins.  That’s ridic.  To be honest, I’m probably never going to do most of them.  But that doesn’t mean I still can’t pin away…..



A few weeks ago though, I had had enough.  I was on Ravelry going through patterns and I just said, I have to make something, like now!  Fortunately for me, I had just finished looking at this pattern for a Lots of Loops Crochet Dishcloth.  It was something different and fun and so I found some yarn and started immediately.



It was actually a really simple pattern, and I didn’t have any problems at all.  I do have one change that I made, because someone recommended it in the comments.  Do you read the comments on stuff?  I do.  I think it can totally make a difference in the end product.  The change I did was to slip stitch in the FRONT loop with your chain, and then you turn it and you will work your double crochet in the BACK loop.


Basically I completely adore this pattern.  I used Lily Sugar N’ Cream cotton variegated yarn from Walmart, and I’d say it used a little more than half of the skein.  It has a ton of loops on one side that make for awesome scrubbing, and the other side is just flat like a regular washcloth.  You can just flip it over and use it like a regular dishcloth.  I’m sure it would be a great bath loofah too!!



I also tried the pattern using a thin, rough type of acrylic yarn, but I think I would need to do less chains on each of the loops– it was a little THICK lol!  Anyway, I made it too long and skinny (I don’t even know what I was thinking when I finished it off like that) so I don’t think it would work as a dishcloth, but I am going to fold it in half and slip stitch around it to make a little scrubby with the loops on both sides!  I’ll have to try it again with the acrylic yarn and let you know.


I will be making more of these to have in my farmer’s market booth, for sure, and I might even make a few extra to list in my Etsy shop.  LOVE!

Pattern HERE.

Have you found any fun/funky patterns lately?  Please share!


3 responses to “Lots of Loops Dishcloth Pattern

  1. Granny Squares of Love says:

    Love this idea. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Granny Squares of Love says:

    Incidentally, we added you to our blog roll.

  3. […] think these would make SUCH a fun gift, especially paired with the Loopy Dishcloth .  I think I might make a few sets using matching yarn for the bingo prizes.  That would be a fun […]

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