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Pinworthy Thursday

on January 9, 2014

Pinworthy Thursdays are just a day for me to share what I’ve been finding on Pinterest lately.

Click on the photo to go to the source:


d578c5fb5e48a48660d8e174574f10d2Tropical Dream Chia Pudding.  It looks like tapioca pudding, which I’m totally down with, but made with chia seeds.  I have an entire jar of those in my pantry….I think I’m actually going to try this!


American Flag Dishcloth.  This is something that would probably sell well at my farmers market booth.  I’ll let you know if I try this pattern!


Jello Pudding Fluff.  Ok, so confession time, but ever since I worked at the nursing home, I have had a new appreciation/love for jello.  This kind of thing is my kind of comfort food!  AND it’s low calorie.  YUM.

3b724ce83cfc28fd78c9fbc2e0a8f86aCrispy Southwest Chicken Wraps– these actually look like the chicken burrito that I always get at Taco Bell, but it has a ranch/guacamole type sauce in it.    Something to keep in mind for weeknight dinners.


Fireball Jello Shots– I LOVE this cinnamon whiskey!  How could these be bad?!

a1ce7d4841b53553119412be6d4f34e3One Hour Potholders-  These look like the potholders my mom makes that I love so much!  I might make a few of these to have in my booth, too.

5a1e358c823fb56b7d2715601852bcb7I have always loved these.  My bf’s mom just made some AWESOME beirocks that had the softest dough that I have ever had.  Apparently she uses Rhodes dough….if I can’t get her recipe then I might try these.


565eb42a3e4b70c76795d173f6115e45This is how I like my chicken salad…with lots of fruits, nuts, and crunchy veggies!  I am not a big fan of greek yogurt, but it still sounds delicious!


That’s it for this week’s Pinworthy Thursday!  Have you tried anything from Pinterest lately?  I have a few completed projects that I need to get pictures of so that I can post about them.  Hopefully soon!


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