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Pinworthy Thursday

on December 12, 2013

So this is my last day of the workweek– tomorrow I am heading down to Tulsa, OK to set up a booth at the 2 Friends and Junk show!  I am so excited!  There are supposed to be 186 booths set up in the Expo center down there, with an a like, 6000 people expected to come shop.  My sister Stacy is going with me to help me with my booth, and we are going to have a BLAST all weekend!  I will try to take some pictures and share how it went next week.

But for now, here are my Pinworthy pins from the week.  As always, click on the photo to go to the source.

8ebb80af46cc08fdc49a3bfbac4a6294I have actually swatched this Naked Illuminating Shimmer Powder in Ulta.  It’s beyond beautiful.  I’m just sayin….if this show goes pretty good, this baby will be mine.




I always host a Christmas lunch for my family, and this year I think we will have a signature cocktail.  Just a for fun thing!  I think this is the forerunner right now, but ya know, I might need to do a practice run first ;-).




I love to color.  I’m not gonna lie.  Surely I’m not the only one?  If I get motivated enough, I might even whip out some little coloring books with these images for stocking stuffers for the sisters.  We shall see.




These little ‘burgers’ are made with nilla wafers and hershey’s kisses.  My niece and nephew would get a kick out these for sure.  I’m thinking afternoon project one Thursday night when I’m babysitting…..



These White Chocolate Topped Gingerbread cookies are SO GOOD!  I actually made them this weekend for a bake sale fundraiser for the preschool board I’m on.  So. Good.



Naked 3.  I want it, and I want it now!  It launched in stores today, so I may just have to go by Sephora or Ulta this weekend, just so I can see one!


Any fun weekend plans?  My weekend starts in exactly 40 minutes…..39 minutes…..come on 4:30!!



2 responses to “Pinworthy Thursday

  1. Mom says:

    Hello —-This is your mother speaking !!!!! — still waiting for another post !!!!!!!!! Love you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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