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Pinworthy Thursday

on November 21, 2013



So next week is Thanksgiving…..HOW is it already this time of year!?  I don’t have any of my gift projects done that I wanted to, but I have the WHOLE WEEK off next week, so I will change that :-).  We actually had one of our family Thanksgiving dinners last weekend (at my mom’s).  I know, kind of early, but that was the only time we could get all of us together.  It’s hard to coordinate all six  girls’  (yes, SIX!) schedules with mom’s.  Would you like to see a picture of me with all of my sisters?  Oh, and all of the littles.




In order of age, starting from the bottom left– #1 (oldest) LeAnna, #6- Brandee, #3- Rachel is the tall blonde.  She is holding Kannon, who belongs to Kristi (#5) right next to her, who is holding Ainsley, who is Rachel’s oldest.  Then ME!#4, and I am holding Rachel’s youngest, Kolton.  Then #2, Stacy is on the end.  We don’t get everyone there very often, so we had to hold a photo shoot lol.  We had so much fun (and food!) that day.  I just love spending time with family.

Ok, so on to Pinworthy Thursday.  As always, click on the photo for the source.

cb6640692aaa30287ce5c12f87440aec (1)


This recipe for Coconut Chicken looks pretty yummy!  The only thing I don’t have on hand would be the coconut milk….of course the bf wouldn’t touch coconut ANYTHING with a ten foot pole, so this might be a meal for when he is gone for the evening.  🙂



These General Tso’s Meatballs look like they would be a winner.  There are a few weird ingredients (to make it gluten free), so I will probably just leave those out.  I’m thinking this would be bf approved!




Red Thai Curry Chicken.   This is a whole lot of ‘never gonna happen at my house’.  But man, it looks good!  I have never actually tried curry, I wonder what it tastes like?




This pin didn’t go back to a source, but I’m thinking it would be pretty easy.  Softened cream cheese, crumbled bacon and chopped up jalapenos.  Yum.  Cheesy, spicy, bacon-y YUM.




If this works, it’s flippin’ genius.  Never ending dryer sheets…basically you dilute the softener with water then use sponges to soak it up!


c535ca2df4e0380148c2e61ed6745627I LOVE these DIY nativity stocking holders!  I don’t have a vinyl cutter, but you can order some off of Etsy, or I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to stencil these on.  Love this!

Have you found anything fun on Pinterest lately?  Please share!



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