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on November 4, 2013

So it has been quite the weekend.  Friday right after work, I raced home, changed and then headed to ‘town’ (by town, I mean one with a walmart, and it is 45 minutes away) to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  We went to eat at Sushi One (LOVE it there!) and then went to see the movie Gravity.  It was really good!  Not at all what I thought it would be, it was a lot more action packed than I was expecting.

First thing Saturday morning, we headed to Wichita (it’s about 2 hours away, in the other direction from where we went the night before) and spent the day shopping, then we ate at Cheddars, where I got a salad that was bigger than my head, then we went to another movie and saw Bad Grandpa.  It was a really funny movie!  We didn’t get home until like 8:30 p.m., so I was pretty pooped.  But I went ahead and fired my kiln to see if it would work (it didn’t).   I do not know what it’s problem was….I was trying to fire it and it would never get hot enough to melt my bottles. 😦 BIG problem, since I have 4 shows coming up, with one fricken huge show in December.  I may or may not have freaked out and cried….I’ll let you guess at that one.

Woke up Sunday morning and my boyfriend was in the basement already, working on my kiln.  He had blown it out, cleaned it out, checked all the cabling, etc etc.  He was rewiring it (something I know nothing about) and thought he had it fixed.  Score!  So I loaded that puppy up and refired.  Now, a firing for me takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  You have to have each setting on for 30 minutes to let it warm up before you crank it up to the next one.  I got to the 2nd to last one, and long story short, I put the lid down too hard and it knocked the little cone out of it’s holder and shut the kiln down.  I couldn’t replace said cone right then because it was about 1000 degrees in the kiln.  Total bummer.  So I had to wait a few hours for it to cool down enough for me to stick my hand in there and try to refire.  But refire it, I did!  And it worked!!!  A little too well, actually.  Since I had kept the same bottles in there during all of 4 or 5 attempts….by the time that the firing actually DID work, my bottles came out looking like this…..


But I don’t even care!  Because MY KILN WORKS! MY KILN WORKS!  I was pretty much being a really ugly person because I was so upset about the whole situation…so I’m glad that it all worked out.  So I made the bf lunch (whatever he wanted…he chose enchiladas), worked on some other stuff for my craft show coming up this weekend, made some cranberry mustard (post coming soon!), and then decided I needed to get out of the house for a bit.  So I went for a little drive.

It is just beautiful around here this time of year.  All of the leaves are changing colors and they are just so pretty and vibrant.  Sometimes, when my had gets a little ‘fuzzy’, I can take a drive and things just seem to make so much more sense.  I roll down the windows , turn off my music, and just think.

I took these pictures on my cell phone, at the top of a hill just outside of town.  They don’t do the view justice at all, but it gets my point across :-).






It was a nice ending to a busy weekend.  What did you do this weekend?



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