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Pinworthy Thursday

on October 31, 2013

Today’s Pinworthy Thursday is going to be a line up of some of the canning ideas I’ve found.  Next year’s farmer’s market is going to ROCK!!  **As always, click on the photo to go to the source.

6b843af917c54a5bfccaaa59b72110edOrange Pepper Jelly.   My customers LOVE them some jalapeno jellies.  Definitely making this…maybe even a batch or two to add to Christmas baskets?

f77ac8d497a560d49f40942c26a5c91bPineapple Habanero Jelly.  I have a gallon bag of frozen habaneros that are just begging to be made into this jelly.

138aa2e542b2eb9bf589490d0e185b88Apple Pepper Jelly.  Maybe I should have said these were hot jellies I want to make lol!

3693e606e6c9f0513b29e89233b23af7Red Hot Cinnamon Cucumber Pickles.  A little labor intensive, but I’ll bet they are super yummy.

71d2bc3518e3b62a109f0c666c1480d8Spicy Apple Salsa.  You know I like ’em weird!

0d94f143268eb1cfe73645e8fa042ac3Cranberry Habanero Mustard.  I have a few mustards lined up to make– my mustard powder is here and my mustard seeds should be here any day!  Super excited for this!!

So anyway, those are just a few (apparently spicy) things I can’t wait to try.  What have you been canning lately?  Or have you packed it up for the season?


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