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Strawberry Limeade Jam

on October 29, 2013

1044620_10151454478011314_1165193841_nDo they have Sonic Drive In’s where you live?  They are everywhere around me, but I remember driving home from North Carolina and noticing how few Sonic signs there were on the highway.  The closer we got to Kansas, the more there would be.  Which was odd to me, because, doesn’t everyone eat at Sonic?!  It could be that that is the restaurant we drive 20 minutes to eat at when we want a special treat (the only commercialized restaurant we have in our town is a Pizza Hut), or that it is the place we always stop at to get a drink after we go shopping in the big town 45 minutes away.  My standard drink is a large strawberry limeade, made with diet pop.  LOVE it.  The big chunks of strawberries that suck up in your straw, plus getting to the bottom of your drink and having a mixture of the crushed ice and strawberries?  Yum.

So when I found this recipe on Pinterest for Strawberry Limeade Jam, I knew it was something I needed to make!  The original recipe called for key limes, but let’s get real, those things are $6 a bag around here.  So I substituted regular limes and did about 6 of them.  Next time I think I will cut that back a bit lol!  It made it quite ‘zesty’, and while it was still delicious, it was almost the consistency of marmalade.  I took this up to the farmer’s market and it was quite the hit!  I’m thinking it would be really good spooned out over ice cream…maybe melted a little first. Overall it worked up really fast and is something I will be making again.  Have you ever had a strawberry limeade?

Recipe HERE.


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