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Buffalo Chicken Pasta

on September 27, 2013

Happy Friday!!

So I have been running around like a crazy person this week– I had a spur of the moment out of town shopping trip after work Monday night, so I didn’t get home until midnight, running my kiln, canning, crocheting, etc etc etc– I feel like I’m losin’ my mind!

BUT the reason I’ve been trying to get so much done is that this weekend is our town’s big city wide garage sale, plus a really highly publicized ‘Finds on Hwy 99’ garage sale event that goes all the way across Kansas!  So we are all expecting to be really busy at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning.  I want to be sure to have enough stuff on hand, especially since I have had a really good few weeks so my stock is low.

I had a canning ‘marathon’ the other night, where I made 5 different recipes because I wanted some new ‘fallish’ type options.  Caramel apple jam, cranberry strawberry jam, orange jelly, cranberry conserve, and banana nut bread jam.  I will be sharing those the next few weeks!  I have to take some pictures before I can blog about them.

All of that has nothing to do with the recipe I am sharing lol.  But hey, sometimes I just can’t think of a good intro, so I thought I’d get it in there while I could!   The recipe I’m sharing is for a yummy buffalo chicken pasta.   I found it on Pinterest (of course!)  I did not take a photo, so here is the photo from the site it came from.

imag0275I know I have said it before, but I have been on a buffalo flavoring KICK!  I cannot get enough of the hot, spicy taste!  So I made this when my youngest sister, B, was home and everyone was over at my house.  I needed something super quick and easy (and CHEAP!) and this fit the bill.  It was delicious, spicy, and everyone loved it!

The changes I made–  I cooked my chicken most of the way through, then poured some buffalo sauce over it and finished it up in that.  It will burn your nose (from the vinegar in the sauce I’m sure) but MAN it was good!

–  I did not bake it.

– I did all of my ‘mixing’ in the pasta pot, and added more ranch as needed.

YUM!  You should definitely try this!




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