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Pinworthy Thursday

on September 19, 2013

Hey all.  It seems crazy that is already Thursday again!  You know, I have such good intentions of posting…I have my little list of ideas, I have pictures, I even have plenty of down time to do it…yet I can’t seem to get the damn things posted!  So anyway, here is my Pinworthy Thursday post, where I share things that I have pinned with you.  I will REALLY try to get something else posted before next week.  Promise.

As always, click on the photo to go to the source.

2fdb05b9edf3dfd69718cfc8a88e435eCreamy Coconut Shrimp.  I am not gonna lie….I always choose a certain chinese buffet when we go to Wichita just because they have this shrimp.  OMG.

a56895f8ceddae9863140027852ff4b1Buffalo Cauliflower.  I have been on the biggest buffalo kick lately.  Which is extremely weird, since it used to give me the worst heartburn EVER, and now it’s like I can’t get it in my mouth fast enough.  This seems like something that I would pretty much demolish.

6cecf3644453240d7d38e7132c14abcbThis sheer leopard print blouse is gorgeous.  I have been trying not to spend any money though…..wah wah.  Basically I have been going back and forth for two days over whether I should spend the $20 to get it.

ed7f6abe3c8f68502706954f5952443dChicken pot pie in the crockpot.  I’m really not sure that I would put this filling in pie crusts, or to make it easy, it might just serve it over rice.  Or throw some biscuits in the oven to serve with it.  Yum.



This is a list of the best Naked Palette dupes.  I WANT that palette….but for $50 it’s just not going to happen.  I’m leaning towards the $6 ELF palette, or the Hard Candy one from Walmart.



I am pretty much obsessed with all things leopard print.  This looks like a fun mani for the fall!


Have you pinned anything fun lately?






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