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Pinworthy Thursday

on September 12, 2013



Pinworthy Thursday.  Where I share things that I have ‘pinned’ with you.  As always, click on the photo to go to the source.

e6b7164464403b9b0e7bd265927b5232I have always loved brussel sprouts, and this pan seared version with cranberries and walnuts?  I’m sure is fricken fabulous!  This is definitely on the must make list.

c496b0c6c5c17273a5ec014ddfaf5b5eSweet Chili Asian Chicken Wings.  Holy Ka-mole!  Anytime we go to Buffalo Wild Wings, I always ordered the Asian Zinger wings.  The ingredients in this recipe are all things that I have on hand, all the time (except for the actual wings).  This is soooooo happening.

1d8e8a9ef7ea96579b38d2159dd83b45Chicken Tator Tot Bake.  I have always been ‘so- so’ on tator tot casserole, but everyone else seems to LOVE it.  It’s the beef.  I’m just not a big beef fan.  Chicken on the other hand, I can totally get on board with that!

8a82fbab7009c56f48662504be1e79d1We added some new earrings in our Etsy shop.  I’m completely in love with these earrings…and they are only $6.  I literally get complimented every single time I wear these.  Swoon.



Garlic fries.  I’m thinking these would rock my face off.  Garlic is probably up in my top 5 favorite foods.  Yes, I realize one doesn’t normally categorize a seasoning in their favorite foods.  I never said I was normal, did I?

Apparently I’m super hungry today?  All of my pins are food.  Oh well, maybe I should start cooking more!






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