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Cheer Up, Buttercup!

on August 27, 2013

So today is just not my  day.  I’m sick as a dog, coughing, snotting, errrrwhere.  Grody. Annnnd tomorrow I get to go to our little bitty courthouse and stand in front of a judge and hear him finalize my divorce.  Yeah, I’m getting divorced.  Hopefully that explains a little more of my absence the past few months.  It’s been a long, hard summer ya’ll.  If you think about it, say a little prayer for me tonight/tomorrow, I’m going to need them.   So to try to perk this day up a bit, I thought I’d share some fun Pinterest stuff!  Because who DOESN’T like a little Pinterest porn now and then?!  As always, click on the photo to take you to the source.

19b5c25e18b47163371b4fe8af25a173Iced Caramel and Coconut Coffee.  Yes please!  I have been on an iced coffee drink kick all dang summer.  YUM.

864a5487add9ff3ef3c27a73403a89f1I think this storage cubes are really cool.  I don’t have this many nail polishes, but I would definitely put my makeup in it too!!


2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies– I am definitely trying these and hopefully adding them to my list of cookies.  We do a cookie fundraiser in December, and I think these would be FANTASTIC for that.  Cheap and easy.  Check and check.


I love this hair color, I have this hair color in my dreams  😉   .  I’m totally jelly.  I’m also toooooo cheap and lazy to do the upkeep required for this color, so it will just have to stay in dreamland.

ab07ab80f63e3c6f008e24f0c30c3c19LOVE this outfit.  Why can’t I own pieces like this?!


Sometimes this is easier said than done.  Praying that it will be behind me soon.


I’m going to steal my niece and nephew and do some of these….

Can you tell I’m ready for fall!?!?


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