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Easy Spider-Man Cake

on June 24, 2013

CAM01938   Hey- so…yeah.  I haven’t posted in a while.  My life has pretty much gone to crap in a basket.       But I’m back!!  Anyway….

The first post I want to share with you is this fun spider man cake.  It is so easy, even a beginning baker can do this no problem.  I’ll just jump right in!  Please excuse the crappy cell phone pictures…I don’t even KNOW where my camera is right now. First, I baked two 10″ layers– I needed them a little larger than my standard 8″ since they were feeding more people.  Let them cool completely, level off the tops, then stack them with some icing in between. I iced the cake in a pretty light blue color, getting it fairly smooth. CAM01926   I just stacked the cake right on the cake carrier I was sending it in.  it was a family party, so they didn’t mind at all!! CAM01925   After I had it iced, I tinted some buttercream with my black food coloring.  It takes quite a bit to get a true black color, and to be perfectly honest, it will taste yucky.  But since we aren’t covering the cake in the black icing, just go to town and get it black, black, black!  Put it into a piping bag or ziploc bag with a round tip on it (one that you would use to write with). CAM01927To get the spiderweb design on the cake, I piped lines right across the cake in sections, just like you would cut a pie.  Then just make little curved lines like shown.

CAM01928Finished web.

CAM01929Then I just extended the lines down the side of the cake and made two more rows of icing.  Super easy, but you could do just the top and be fine!

CAM01930Ok, so for the actual Spider-Man part– I printed out an image that I found on google, cut it out, then laminated it.  I realize not everyone has a laminator at their disposal though.  You can always just use clear packing tape and make strips across the image, and match it up with a second layer on the other side of the image (basically putting the two sticky sides together).  That essentially ‘laminates’ the image.  You wouldn’t want to just put it on the cake as regular paper, since the oil in the buttercream would mess that up so fast, it wouldn’t even get out the door.

CAM01934But either way, just cut your image out, getting it as close as possible to the edge of the image.

CAM01935Then you just stick him on the cake!  You can always add words, but they didn’t want anything written on it.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

CAM01937And the birthday boy LOVED it!!

CAM01936 (1)

Ok, so I will do my best to start posting regularly again.  Happy Monday!


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