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Wedding Dress Cake

on April 1, 2013


I made this pretty wedding dress cake a few weeks ago.  It was for a bridal shower, and the wedding colors were (of course) purple and green.  They wanted something simple and pretty, and I think this definitely fit the bill!!

Basically I baked an 11×15 sheet cake, cut the top so that it was level, and then inverted it onto a cooling rack  and let it cool completely.  I made one batch of buttercream icing (using 2 lbs of powdered sugar), and then dirty iced the cake.  Dirty icing a cake means to ice it with a thin layer of icing, not caring if you can see the cake through it, and then letting it set up.  You do this so that the cake won’t pull into your final layer of icing.

481911_10151319499096314_618923588_nWhile the cake was in the fridge, I took a sheet of notebook paper and folded it in half (the tall way), and drew half of my silhouette.  Then I cut it out.  When it’s unfolded it makes a perfectly symmetrical wedding dress!

Once the icing had set up, I laid the cutout where I wanted the dress to be and used a toothpick to trace around it, so that there was an outline on the cake.

580014_10151319498991314_1693739906_nThen it’s just a matter of coloring in the lines!  I took probably 4 cups of icing out and tinted it this really pretty, bright purple and iced the sides and top of the cake, up to the outline of the dress.  I’m sure you could ice the whole cake purple and put the white over the top, but I found it just as easy to go up to the line.  As long as your icing isn’t too thick, you should have no problem spreading it.

Then I loaded up an icing bag with a round tip and outlined the dress.  Don’t forget to add your straps!   I also took it and filled in the skirt, smoothing it with an offset spatula.


I also had some white edible glitter that I shook all over the cake, going extra heavy on the dress itself.  It was so sparkly and pretty!!!


About 1 cup of icing is all you will need for your accent color, or the kelly green.  I put a flower tip on to do border, then switched it out with a small tip for the writing.

The flowers were made by putting a very small amount of icing into a bag (I used a small snack sized ziploc) , with a flower tip.  I piped a small cluster of the flowers right next to each other, then with the green icing with the small round tip, I made some simple lines for stems.

Then switch the tip on the purple to a small round and do a small bow.  Perfect!487713_10151319499311314_79743730_n1

And that was it!  A simple, pretty option for a bridal shower.



2 responses to “Wedding Dress Cake

  1. Very nicely done, I’ve decorated cakes for a million years and I’m always learning something new. After I crumb coat my cakes (you call it dirty frosting lol) I let them sit in the fridge for at least a couple hours. It makes all the difference in the world. Love your addition of the glitter.

  2. jackatessa says:

    Thanks Coleen! It really does make a HUGE difference! And I have been itching to use that glitter on something, so I was happy they asked me to do this 🙂

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