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Pinworthy Thursday

on March 28, 2013




Here are a few pins I found interesting/inspiring/just plain cool this week.  Remember to click on the photo to go to the source!



How to make fondant look like bark.  I will actually be using this in a few weeks for a cake order.

pbjPB&J popcorn?  Sounds just gross enough to be delicious!

washclothYou didn’t think you’d get out of a new dishcloth pattern did you?  No?  Good.

crossI listed some stained glass crosses in my Etsy shop this week.   My stepmom made them and they are absolutely beautiful.

brownieBrownie refrigerator cake.  Good gravy that looks delicious.



I think I just found Chris’ new slippers lol.  I am buying this pattern…..



I’m going to do this for Ainsley’s birthday!

yarn holderMaking a yarn holder from a pop bottle?  That’s brilliant.

noodlesWho WOULDN’T want to swim in oodles of noodles?!











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