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How to Make a Camo Cake

on March 20, 2013


IMG_8342So I was asked to make a couple of camo birthday cakes for my  cousin’s baby girl, Shaunacee, who was turning 1.  I had never made a camo cake, but figured it couldn’t be too hard! They asked me to do one cake that was plain camo, and do a camo onesie on the other.   There are some different options out there using fondant, but we wanted to use plain buttercream for these.

I’ll show you how I did my version—

First, bake your cake, or in this case, two cakes.  Let it cool completely before trying to ice it.  If you put icing on a too warm cake, you will have an ugly cake with a bunch of liquid buttercream ;-).



While your cakes are cooling, go ahead and whip up some buttercream icing.  I did 1 1/2 batches for this (or 3 lbs of powdered sugar).

IMG_8326Then I separated out the colors I would need into bowls.  I used my Americolor liquid food coloring and had brown, black, and green.  I put about 1 cup of icing in each of the bowls.  The rest I tinted my base color, which was the pink.



As you can see, I did two versions of green- one light and one dark.


IMG_8331Load them all up into ziploc bags (and buy name brand– trust me on this).  Snip off a small corner of the bag.  Then set aside.


IMG_8330Go ahead and ice your cakes whatever base color you wanted.  Then I used a toothpick and drew the outline of a onesie on the cake.  If you are just doing allover camo, you would obviously skip this step :-).

IMG_8332Take one color, whichever one you choose, and squeeze out a squiggle pattern with your icing.  Squirt a little bit of the icing into the center of your patch, so that you can fill it in.

IMG_8333I found it easier to do small patches at a time, alternating colors, but making sure that you weren’t going to have two patches of the same color touching each other.



After you have some of the patches on, take a spoon or offset spatula and smooth the icing.  I used one spoon per color.  It should spread very easily!  Just make sure that you don’t mix your colors together.  I did this by dragging the spoon towards the center of the shape, as opposed to dragging it to the sides.

IMG_8336Continue doing this, alternating colors, until you have filled up your shape (or cake!).

IMG_8337Now, as you can see, this cake has a lot of ‘texture’ with it.  The icing isn’t completely smooth, which is totally fine.  But if you wanted to have it smooth, all you have to do is have a little time and a rolling pin.  I had planned on doing this, but didn’t get them done in time.



After you have everything iced, you would put it back into the fridge to let the icing harden up.  You wouldn’t want it to be ‘hard’, just a little ‘crusty’.  Then you would take it back out and using a rolling pin, you would lightly roll over the icing to smooth it out.  Make sense?  Like I said, I had hoped to do that, but the icing was still wet when they were delivered, so that would have been a heck of a mess ;-).


Anyway, to finish your cakes, make sure you add a cute border, and words if necessary.



I thought they turned out pretty cute!!












3 responses to “How to Make a Camo Cake

  1. Kris says:

    These turned out awesome! Everybody at the party raved about them and this girl got some bonus points with the daddy for picking them out! Another one of your amazing cakes to put down in your book!

  2. Nana2three says:

    Thank You! I needed inspiration for a camo baby shower cake.

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