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Pinworthy Thursday

on March 7, 2013


It’s that time again– or as my sister says, my one weekly post lol!  I am working on a tutorial for making a camo print cake– hopefully this weekend!  I also have some crocheted washcloths and potholder patterns to share with you– I have been pretty much obsessed with crocheting lately!  But until then, here are my ‘Pinworthy’ pins.


Remember, click on the images to go to the source.


5e402bb0d2e70a09a9de009e26055a45I thought this pretty little chicken was just adorable.  Embroidered on a tea towel?  Stinkin’ cute!


I love this deer print.  How great would that be blown up and put on the wall?  I’m sure you could even change the back to match your color scheme.


I think I will need to make one of these for my car in the near future.  My new Yukon + 3 dogs = not even happening.  Unfortunately there is no link to this, but I’m sure you could google it.



How cute are these?!  Taking an old dress shirt and making it into a bib.  Chris actually has some old dress shirts we were going to take to the thrift store.  I’ll bet I could make a few of these and gift them.



I love this set of embroidery patterns.  I can’t wait to learn how to embroider.  One of my absolute favorite wedding gifts were the hand embroidered towels from Chris’ Granny.  I hope to one day gift some myself!  The amount of love that goes into those stitches is just amazing.  These would make an adorable set, with one image per towel.



All I see when I look at this is a cute set of coasters!  I may make a set of these up and list them in my Etsy shop.  We will see.



I have to learn how to knit!!!  I have a friend that loves ‘fleur de lys’ and this dishcloth would be fun to add to her kitchen.




One response to “Pinworthy Thursday

  1. kel107 says:

    I really like that dog thing! My dogs wouldn’t need it because they aren’t as monstrous as your’s but it is an awesome idea!

    I have an idea for a post! You could talk about your awesome sister who just gave you an amazingly adorable nephew 🙂 I’m pretty fun to talk about…as long as it’s good stuff! Ha!

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