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Pinworthy Thursday

on February 28, 2013

To be really honest, I haven’t done much at all this past week.  We had another snowstorm, but it’s pretty much gone now.  I’ll say this though- we went out in it a few times to check a heifer that was supposed to be having her calf, and it was SLLLOOOOOW going!  We were going about 20 mph on the highway all the way out there, and then finding a bunch of black cows in the dark was not so easy lol!  And she still hasn’t had it…..darn her lol.

I have been crocheting up quite a few washcloths, just to keep my hands busy at night while we watch T.V.  I think I will put a few in a basket with some homemade cream soda jelly and give it as a gift basket in our bingo fundraiser this weekend.  I’m actually working up the pattern to share with you all, it’s super simple, but makes a pretty, very scrubby dishcloth!

Ok, so on to this week’s pins—-

Click on the photos to go to the source.
rabbit and noodles

Rabbit and noodles recipe from Hickery Holler Farm.  I LOVE this blog.  Chris and I are thinking about getting rabbits, we had them at my dad’s when I was younger.   I remember liking it a lot!


And the homemade noodles to go with it!


I may have to buy this pattern, because this hat is absolutely ADORABLE!


And the pattern for this hot pad.  I could definitely make a few of these as gifts, everyone seems to love owls right now!!  How cute would it be to have a purple one, a pink one, a blue one, etc?!

broccoli and cornThis broccoli and corn scallop recipe looks sooo good!  It’s definitely a different side dish!


This crocheted ruffle dishmop is also on the ‘must make’ list.  This blog is a great account of a woman adding things to her daughter’s hope chest.  It makes me want to have a girl just so that I can fill up a hope chest for her!!

wood burned

These wood burned spoons would make a great gift, too!


I’m so excited, I ordered this pressure canner yesterday!!  It is a 23 quart capacity, which is so much better than the small one I’ve been using.  Bring on the canning!!


I’m going to try out this recipe for freezer biscuits.  Maybe if I had these on hand, Chris might get breakfast more often ;-).

shrimp bake

And I will definitely be trying this creamy shrimp rice bake from Coleen’s Recipes.   YUM!!

Have you tried anything off of Pinterest lately?  Did it work or did it bomb?


One response to “Pinworthy Thursday

  1. I really like those wood burned spoons, what a fantastic gift idea!!

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