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Pinworthy Thursday

on February 21, 2013

How is your Thursday?  Mine is full of sleet and snow, and the melty mess they leave behind!  Luckily for me I have 4 wheel drive, so a little snow doesn’t faze me.   But anyway, on to my week of pins–  remember to click on the photo to go to the source.


planter$1 small cedar tapered planter?  How adorable is that?!  She mentions in the comments about using them as a centerpiece for a wedding…I LOVE that idea!  I am definitely keeping this in mind for future functions….



So I was asked to do someone’s wedding cake/cupcakes.  This is actually a picture of the ‘inspiration’ cake, but hers will have orange, purple, yellow, and blue daisies.  I’m pretty excited!


zebraSuper cute zebra cupcakes.  I’m pretty sure these could be easily replicated with some black fondant.


snowflakeHow cute would a whole afghan look made up of these snowflake squares?!



Amaretto cherries– these are happening for Christmas gifts this year!

blueI listed a pair of these earrings for my stepmom in my etsy shop.  They are so pretty!  I had to snitch a pair for myself!!

teaI’ve actually used this a few times this week…and I am drinking chai tea because of it lol! (pin deadended)




I REALLY want to make this cake.  How pretty!!

and last but not least…

peachMy sister Stacy was travelling with her now husband when he was driving a semi, and she brought me a jar of peach pecan jam.  It was pretty much the best thing EVER!!  I have searched high and low for a recipe, to no avail.  Well, I’d say that this peach conserve with almond recipe is close enough!  I’ll just sub out the almond for pecans and hopefully that will work.  Yay for Pinterest!!


Have you found anything interesting on Pinterest lately?








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