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Pinworthy Thursday

on February 14, 2013



I hope everyone is having an awesome Valentine’s Day!  There is like an unwritten rule in our marriage that I get flowers on Valentine’s Day (and my birthday and our anniversary!).  Which I made sure I reminded Chris of earlier this week.  Then yesterday he said that he needed to go out of town while I was at a meeting, but that he couldn’t tell me why.  Okkkkk??  I figured, sweet, I’m getting an awesome present!!  Well, when I got out of my meeting he still hadn’t left and so I decided to go with him.  On the way, I was quizzing him to make sure he had ordered my flowers from the flower shop.  He said NO!!  I was bummed.  BUT- it turns out, he was going so that he could buy me flowers, so that he could deliver them himself!  Ok, I’ll take that!

Then, to make the evening even better, as we were leaving walmart, he asked if I had any quarters so that he could play the claw machine.  Lucky him I did!  And one try later, here he is!


He got THREE prizes off of the one game!  He was pretty proud!

Ok, so on to Pinworthy Thursday (click on the image to take you to the source)–

5183f9259afbf13b09d5a70e01c7041bSprite and gummy bears, frozen into popsicles?  Pretty awesome if you ask me!  I will keep this in mind for this summer, for the pool!


4366510ce93f0163a02e22136e7848ebI thought this was pretty cute for teaching young ones how to tie their shoes.




This site has tips for photographing newborns.  I have been wanting to work on my photography skills, mainly on photographing people.  And I have a little nephew who is about to come home from the NICU that would be the perfect baby to practice on!!

christmas jamI’m pretty sure this Christmas Jam will be making an appearance.   It is strawberries and cranberries…how can that be wrong?!


lemon rolls


Yummmm. Lemon rolls.




Making slime that glows in the dark.  I just want to go ahead and nail down the ‘coolest auntie ever’ award.


And lastly….



Alcoholic lollipops.  I’m thinking I have a few families that will be getting an assortment of these for Christmas next year.  Perfect!!





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