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Pinworthy Thursday

on January 17, 2013

Hey all.  So does anyone else still feel like they have a ‘hangover’ from the holidays?  It’s hard to get back into the same old boring routine, but then again, it’s nice to just be able to CHILL.

I am going to try to do a ‘Pinworthy Thursday’ post every week, with things that I have pinned that I thought were just pretty cool!!  Maybe this way I can get back into blogging more.   So here they are, my Pinworthy Pins!

98657048059033150_Sg4JF4A2_cThis recipe for Peanut Butter Snack Cake makes my mouth water.  The hubs would be eating out of my hands if I made this for him.

61783826107477426_tNvxrgiI_cThis just linked back to google, but basically they took boxes, wrapped them in wrapping paper and stacked them, then tied a ribbon around it.  It would make a cool centerpiece or cupcake tower for sure!


rocksGlow in the dark garden rocks.  I want to make some of these for my mom as a gift.  The link that goes here said that they didn’t work well, but the comment gave suggestions.  Also, I’ve seen that they have a spray paint that is glow in the dark.  Worth a try!


SONY DSCAmaretto marshmallows.   OMG I’m making these!  They are also on the list for next year’s Christmas gifts.


basement shelvesThis makes me excited, since the hubs has promised that he will build me shelves down in our basement.


giant gingerbread manI am totally making these giant gingerbread men with my niece and nephew! Who cares that it’s after Christmas!!

elf hat

My sister just had a little baby boy, Kannon, this past weekend.  He was a little early, at 31 weeks.  He only weighs 3 lb 14 oz and was 16 3/4 in long.  I had expected to have a little more time to make his gifts, but I was able to whip out this little elf hat in about 15 minutes.  I used this pattern, and used Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn in a navy blue color, then used regular Red Heart yarn and made the little pom pom.  Since the pattern is for a newborn, and he is so much smaller, I went to round 7 before tying off.  He is in the NICU right now and can’t have anything in his incubator, so he won’t be able to wear this for a few weeks, so I made it a little bit bigger than his head is now.  Make sense? lol


Ok, we’ll call that good for this week!  Have you found anything fun on Pinterest lately?






One response to “Pinworthy Thursday

  1. Emz says:

    I like the cookie the girl is holding..thank you for sharing. 🙂

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